Can You Create Income From Home?

“I-Marketing Secrets That I-Learned The Hard Way!

Can You Create Income From Home?

Welcome! I’m Steve Gaghagen, and welcome to my online home business center. This is the main website I use to create income from home, and I can teach you just how to do the same thing.

If you’ve watched the video above you’ve met my “Owner” Monty, and you know I live in the gorgeous little town of Big Bear Lake, California. If you want to know more about me personally, you can visit the “About Me” page by clicking the tab at the top of this page.

BUT … if you’re visiting here it’s probably because you have an interest in creating income from home by working online. It could also be that you’re already doing just that, but you’re looking for ways to maximize your current activities. Well … in either case … I can help you do that.

Is Internet Marketing About Selling?

First, I’d like to ask you a simple question: Do you like selling things?

If you’re like most people, you’re going to answer that question with a big, fat “NO”!

Well … I don’t either, particularly. Don’t get me wrong, I can sell things … I’m pretty good at it. If you read my About Me page you’ll see that for part of my life I was in real estate sales and I did well at it. However, it doesn’t drive me and motivate me with a desire that propels me to return to my business each day when I wake up.

So … what do you do if you want to create income from home, but you’re not very fond of sales? After all, working from home is almost completely Internet marketing … and marketing means sales, right?

Well, sort of.

Can I Make Money From Home By Teaching?

Let me ask you another question: What would you think of teaching as a job you could do online?

Most of us … me included … would answer this one differently. I know I do. Actually, I enjoy teaching a lot. It’s gratifying and fun, and it truly makes me feel I’m being helpful to others who want and need the information I can share with them.

Well, the fact is, the way I work online is almost 100% in the role of a teacher … not a salesperson. And … I can teach you to do exactly the same thing.

When I first started to work online from home, I did the same thing as almost everyone else … I approached it as a sales job. Granted, there was a lot of automation that went into it … automated presentations, sales pages … you know the drill. However, it was still sales, and that’s how I went about it.

Somewhere along the way … it changed. It changed because I learned a better way. It’s called “Attraction Marketing”.

That’s what I can teach you.

Attraction Marketing: Build Your Business By Teaching

Today I’ve discovered that introducing people to the tools they need to create income from home … then teaching them to use those tools to build any business they might want to build … builds my own business at the same time. It does that without me having to sell my business all the time. In fact … it does that without me even telling people what my business is!

Sound interesting? I thought so.

I’m in network marketing. I am a distributor for a very well-known, world famous MLM company. However … you won’t find it on these pages. You will find a company called GVO (Global Virtual Opportunity), because they supply the tools I use to create income from home on the Internet. And, yes, if you want to learn from me … we need to use the same tools. Make sense? If you look into things, you’ll find that GVO supplies the best, most economical web marketing tools you can find. That’s why I use them and I wouldn’t use or recommend anything else. So … to really make use of the nuts and bolts training I provide, we both need to be using the same tools, and I will present you with, and talk about GVO.

However, as I say, you won’t see my Primary Business on this website. In fact you won’t hear about it from me at all … unless … you ask me about it. If you sign into my mailing list at the top of this page … which I recommend if you really want to learn about working online … you may get 3 or 4 emails a year about it. BUT … other than that … you’ll never hear about it at all unless you ask me for the information.

All I’ll do is to focus on teaching you how to use your tools to build YOUR business and brand yourself online. If you don’t know what Branding is … what it is, how it works, and why you need to do it to be successful in creating income from home … sign into my mailing list and you’ll learn all about it.

The result of all this is … my job is teaching people to use a simple set of tools and helping them to build their business. I answer questions, give guidance, teach classes … and I never sell anything.

So … how does that sound? Think you’d be more interested in doing something like this than in selling stuff?

Well … that’s what this website is all about. YES … there’s marketing involved, but it’s usually in the form of a new tool to help advertise. YES … there’s selling involved, but it’s almost 100% indirect and you only need talk to people who are asking you for the information.

Would you like to create income from home working like that?

Would You Like To Make Money From Home Teaching … Not Selling?

That’s what I teach. If you’re interested, please sign in to the mailing list above. If you want to get going right away, visit the page titled “Getting Started/Getting Going”. That contains all the information you need to get yourself all set up with a webpage of your own that’s like this one.

And … CONTACT ME! Find me on Skype, use the Contact Me page you find above, email me … whatever you like. I’d be glad to connect and get you started the right way.

Making money from home doesn’t have to be intimidating, a drudgery, or involve all sorts of unpleasant activities. In fact, it can … and SHOULD BE … FUN!

Welcome to the webpage, once again. Let’s have some FUN TOGETHER!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer


Big Bear Lake, California. USA


Skype: steve.gaghagen