Yesterday we discussed the #1 tool in you I-Marketer’s toolkit. That was web hosting and we went into a lot of detail about it.

Today we’re going to discuss something that’s just as important: your Video Marketing System.

First I want to dispense right away with the thing I know that most “newbie” online marketers are thinking: “Video? Do I really have to do video? But I don’t wanna … I don’t like the way I look … I don’t like the way I sound … I’m not good at it like those guys you see on the net all the time … my hair SUCKS … my videos will stink and no one will like me …”

Blah … Blah … Blah …

Get over it … and get over yourself.

Now, I’m not trying to be mean or nasty (I usually don’t have to try … it comes naturally). I’m simply fulfilling my obligations here by telling you the TRUTH. Which would you rather I do? Sugar-coat things so they make you comfortable but you fall on your face later on? Or, tell you the truth flat out and then give you the tools and skills to not only handle it … but PROFIT from it?

That’s what I thought you’d say … so that’s what I’m doing.

The fact is that video is an ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY part of creating income from home on the Internet these days. It’s not necessary to be the next Martin Scorsese or to look like Cameron Diaz. What’s necessary is for the videos to BE THERE. This is a matter of search engines, Google Algorithms, and the fact that you need something to put on You Tube … and they only take VIDEOS!

To condense all the why’s and wherefore’s into one easy to understand concept: It’s not about SALES … it’s about WEB TRAFFIC. What people are looking for on the Internet … is VIDEOS. Therefore, what Search Engines are looking for on the Internet … is VIDEOS. If you’re ever going to have respectable, targeted traffic to your web sites … they’re going to have to contain lots of videos.

So … now that we understand all that, we’ve gotten over ourselves, and we’re ready to discuss the HOW of this … let’s move on to discuss your Video Marketing System.

Now, You Tube is not a Video Marketing SYSTEM. It’s a video HOSTING site. You’ll want to mount your videos on You Tube because of the traffic it can bring you. However, you also want someplace else to store your videos online. I mean … this is the Internet! Stuff happens! I know it’s not likely, but what if all the videos in your You Tube channel were lost?

Another thing about You Tube is their limits. You cannot upload a video of more than 10 minutes duration into You Tube. They don’t allow it. So, what do you do with a training video you made for your business group that’s 55 minutes long? Well, you can split it up into 10 minute segments … part one … part two … etc. But you can see how cumbersome that can get. Then, if you want to mount it on a website of your own you have to have a long page with several videos mounted there. Not attractive!

No, you need a video hosting spot where you can upload videos of any duration. Most video hosting account will limit the file size AND duration of allowable videos … just as You Tube does. But, there are some that limit only the file size and NOT the duration. If you look you can find them out there. Most of them tend to be very expensive, but there are some that are surprisingly reasonable. In fact, if you look, you can find hosting companies that INCLUDE unlimited video hosting with their standard hosting accounts! That’s the kind of thing you want to find.

What else is provided by a good Video Hosting Account?

Well, quick and easy production is on thing. A good Video Marketing System will give you the ability to create a quick video easily and right online. For simple, straightforward videos of the kind most usually found in I-Marketing, recording a video DIRECTLY onto your video hosting account saves time and confusion. Turn on your camera … push the button on the screen … make you’re video. Simple as that. There’s no video format conversion, no uploading. Now, the quality of a video that’s created in a camera and is then uploaded is usually better, but for the simple stuff this online creation ability can really save a lot of time and is quite adequate, so you’ll want to make sure you can do that with your video system.

As usual with this type of thing, you’ll want to make sure that your personal Video Hosting Account and Marketing System is provided by a reputable company with years of experience. You don’t want to wake up one morning and find all your videos gone along with the web site. Make sure your provider has years of experience and folks heading it up who are well known and have reputations to uphold.

Also make sure that there is easily available and high quality training and support provided. You should be able to get Live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week either in a chat room or an online conference room.

Lastly, as with hosting, most of these programs are affiliate programs as well. Look into the pay plan and see if your video hosting company will be profitable to you when you bring in new people.

So … there you have it. As part of your I-Marketer’s Toolkit you really do need your own, personal, Video Marketing System and hosting provider. Go to Google and do a search. Find out what’s out there and sign up with the one that provides the most value and highest quality for you and your new business. Remember … this is your Toolkit you’re putting together. You don’t want to allow any shoddy work and at the same time you don’t want to go broke paying too much for the things you need … so be careful, prudent, and look into all the possibilities in detail.

Once again, I hope this helps! If you have questions, I’m available if you need me. Add me to Skype and let’s connect! My Skype id is steve.gaghagen and I’d love to meet you online.

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Have a GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer

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  1. Janet Legere February 16, 2010 at 9:39 AM #

    Great post Steve … Video is here to stay and I love how you said … “Get over yourself” … it’s SO true!

    Video has increased traffic to my website!

    Keep up the great job,

    Janet Legere
    Internet Training Expert

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