I’m going to shock a whole bunch of folks right now and say something most online marketers would find crazy:

Autoresponders can be REALLY bad for you!

And no … I’m not kidding, they really can.

But, before we discuss how they can harm you, let’s talk about how they help and why we need them … then we can get into the DIRT!

Elsewhere this week we’ve discussed just how important it is to your online business to build your mailing list. Your autoresponder is critical here because … that’s where you do it. Your autoresponder system will store your contacts, first and foremost. When someone visits your web page and fills out a form to subscribe to your mailing list … your autoresponder is where their information goes. So, that’s where all your contacts are stored … that’s your mailing list.

Secondly, your autoresponder is critical to follow up. No matter what anyone tells you, the Internet is all about PEOPLE. I know lots of people who begin to work on the web and think they can be somehow anonymous. They have this vision of sitting behind a computer … pointing and clicking like some mad Internet maven … sending websites here and there … and never being disturbed in their Ivory Towers. Imagine their surprise when they wake up to one earth-shattering fact: THE INTERNET IS FULL OF PEOPLE!

Earlier this week we also discussed the fact that, even though we have the Internet as a tool … and it provides a HUGE pool of prospects … we still need to establish RELATIONSHIPS with those prospects. The objective here is twofold:

1) Find people who have an interest in what we have to offer.

2) Find people we LIKE and who LIKE us!

Now, this doesn’t mean we’re sitting down and having lunch with everyone we do business with. In fact, on the Internet we deal with HUGE numbers of people and that means that the “personal touch” becomes difficult.

THAT’S where your autoresponders come in … and where they will help you … IF you use them correctly.

Have a GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer

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