Video Bloopers


This page is going to be a lot of fun. Making videos can be a lot of fun.

BUT … it can also be pretty frustrating at times, and in the heat of the moment things can get said that some folks might find offensive.

F-BOMBS Ahead!!!

This video contains a bit of language that some may find offensive. If you think you might be in that group … PLEASE DON”T WATCH!
You’ve been warned here, so I’ll just brush off any complaints … LOL.

BUT (#2) … if you enjoy a good laugh, and also enjoy watching me being “hoist on my own petard” … then HAVE FUN!

This is for YOU!
(And There’s More To Come … After The Video!)



As more videos get made … more Bloopers will be posted here!
Watch For The Next Reel (real) Soon!