So you’re just starting out trying to create income from home by working online. How do you get started? What do you do first?

Well, most people make a bunch of mistakes right off the bat. They go out and find some program that attracts them, get signed up, and then start promoting it willy-nilly in online advertising sources that are usually (you should pardon the expression) half-assed. They start flailing around blindly throwing some affiliate sale page in front of people who don’t have any interest in seeing it.

That’s not the kind of behavior I teach around here, and it’s certainly not going to get you profitable online. Trying to get started like this is doomed to failure from the start for lack of planning and lack of the proper tools.

This week I’m going to be posting about your “I-Marketer’s Toolkit”. We’re going to be going through a list of things that are indispensable for you to have all lined up BEFORE you begin. You wouldn’t start to build a house with just a hammer but no nails, saws, screwdrivers, or lumber. No … you’d make sure your toolkit was stocked with everything you needed to complete the job.

Likewise, if you want to work online, whether it be in affiliate sales, network marketing … whatever the specific field … you need to get your toolkit together. That’s what we’ll be discussing over the coming days.

To start off the series, I want to discuss web hosting.

OK, OK … I know what you’re thinking: “Web hosting! What the heck is he talking about? I’m just starting out here! What’s this web hosting all about? Honest! I don’t know nothin’ ’bout web hosting Miss Scarlet!”

(Or something like that).

Well … never mind. You may not know anything about web hosting right now, and you may not think you NEED it right now … but you will.

The average “newbie” … as discussed in the paragraphs that began this article … has found themselves an affiliate page of some sort. It may be for a company, a business opportunity, or even just a product. The Newbie way of thinking goes something like this: “What do I need hosting for? The company already supplied me with a site and they’re hosting it! In fact, that’s one of the things they said that convinced me to do this! They were gonna give me a website and host it for me so I didn’t have to worry about that kind of stuff!”

If that’s what you’re thinking right now … get over it. You got had with that one. The company (or whatever) told you all you’d have to do was get that site in front of people and you could retire.

They lied.

You bought it.

The fact is that probably about 95% of folks who attempt to work online will fail. That’s an ugly fact, but it’s the truth. The question is: Why?

The answer is simple:

Because all they’re doing online is … SELLING STUFF. They’re not BRANDING themselves.

Now, I could go into a long discussion about Branding … what it is, how to do it, and WHY you need to do it to succeed online … but that’s not the purpose of this session today. Today’s purpose is to discuss web hosting and why you need it.

A good web hosting account is the basis of everything you need to BRAND YOURSELF online. Having a hosting account where you can mount as many websites as you may need … sites created by or for yourself, that are designed to contribute to the creation of YOUR BRAND online … is the very foundation of what you need to do to succeed. You need to get this together BEFORE you begin, and you need to make sure you’re selecting the right hosting provider for you. You don’t want to get very far down the line and then discover you have greater needs than your provider supplies … or that you’re paying way too much money … and then have to switch providers in mid-stream and go through the hassles of moving your sites.

So … do it now.

There are several things to look for in a web hosting provider. We’ll cover the really important ones right here:


You don’t want to go with “Frank and Pearl’s Mom & Dad Hosting Shop”. Even though they’ll probably give you a huge discount (read the small print), you’ll probably end up dealing with problems you don’t need, like tons of downtime and lousy support. You want a company that’s been around for a while, where the management and ownership are in the hands of well known folks who have a reputation to uphold. We need to keep a sharp eye on budget, but we also want high quality tools in our tool box. It’s possible to get both.


As your business grows, so will the number of web sites you’ll need and want. Right now you may be thinking, “What the heck do I need with more than one website?” Well, if you’re thinking that … just realize you’ll learn differently as you progress. There will be a million times in your online life when you will want to create a new web page. They can range from fairly complicated sites that serve as a center point of business for their owners … much like the site you’re on right now … to simple, one-page “capture” pages used as an entry point to an affiliate page of some kind. The point is, you’re going to need the ability to host A LOT of sites.

AND … you want to shop around to make sure you find a place to do that for ONE PRICE. Many hosting providers can rope you in by telling you, “It’s only $10 a month!” That’s great! Until you have fourteen websites being hosted there. Now you’re at $140 a month just to make these things appear online … and that sucking sound you hear is the sound of profits going out of your pocket!

To recap here: you need to find a hosting source that will allow you to host an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF DOMAINS AT A FIXED MONTHLY FEE that never changes.


One of the ways you can make good money online is to be able to sell hosting yourself! Now, being able to do that effectively requires that you have a hosting account that is unlimited as we just discussed. If you have that, you can go to your brother, your friends … to whoever you want … and offer to host THEIR website for them at less per month than they’re paying now. Then you can move their website to YOUR hosting account. Because you have unlimited hosting, adding that new domain costs you nothing, and your new hosting client is now paying you per month to host their site … and they’re happy to do it because you’re saving them money.

(Additionally … and this is an aside … you can also increase your income by offering to do maintenance on the site you’re hosting as you learn and expand and are able. Do you see where this is going? with unlimited hosting you can become, if you like, your own web host company, hosting, creating, maintaining websites for people you know or businesses in your town).

BUT … here’s the Big But (no pun intended) … your hosting provider must give you the RIGHT to do that. It’s called “reseller rights” and you need to find a hosting account that allows this. There are MANY that simply don’t allow it. Make sure your hosting provider does.


Most hosting companies have affiliate programs and provide the opportunity for you to create income by offering their services to others. However, not all hosting companies pay plans are created equal. As you expand and grow your business, your hosting company can become a good secondary or primary income stream. You need to take a good look at their compensation plan, because some of them SUCK! I know many people who promote a certain hosting company … as a PRIMARY business … that pays them $1 a month for each active member they recruit! ONE DOLLAR A MONTH! If you want that company to pay you $5K a month … you’ve got to have 5,000 active people in your group! NO THANKS! If I’m going to
recruit people to a company somewhere … I want them to pay me well. Make sure your hosting company has a very good pay plan for recruitment.


This is vitally important. You can have a great hosting company, but if you can’t get help when you have a problem it becomes practically worthless. You need to be able to access good, quality support whenever you need it. I’ll go even further: if you can’t get LIVE support online 24 hours a day 7 days a week … find someone else to host your websites. I mean … come on! This is the Internet! Somewhere in the world people are awake … somewhere in the world someone needs help. If your web hosting company can’t provide you with a conference room or chat where you can get help 24 hours a day from a live support tech … go somewhere else!


Quality training from your web host company is crucial. You’ll need to learn how to use your web host account, how to access and use your cPanel, your domain file system, Fantastico, and eventually how to use an FTP program to upload files to your websites. Now, at this point, this probably sounds very intimidating, but that’s the point of good training! A web hosting company that provides quality training, easily available in both live and recorded formats, and done by knowledgeable, experienced trainers is a really cool thing … AND … they are out there folks. All you have to do is look a bit.
So … Web Hosting and YOU all in one post!

There are all the why’s, what’s, and how’s. The first and most basic part of your I-Marketer’s Toolkit is your hosting account. As you prepare to do business online, do your “due diligence”. Look around and shop around. Make sure you align yourself with a company that provides all of the aspects we’ve just discussed so you’ll have the quality of service you need, combined with everything required to allow your business to grow and you to learn, without breaking your bank account.

Hope this helps! As always, if you have questions, concerns, or just want to talk about working online, I’m available if you need me. Add me to Skype and let’s connect! My Skype id is steve.gaghagen and I’d love to meet you online.

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Have a GREAT Day!
Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer

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