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Welcome to the final … and arguably the most important of our series on your I-Marketer’s Toolkit. Today we’re going to talk about Training.

We’ve covered a lot about online marketing tools over the last week. We’ve talked about web hosting, autoresponders, video marketing systems, lead capture and prospecting systems, and online conferencing. All of these items are necessary to a successful Internet business. However, they won’t be any good to you if you don;t know how to use them and use them correctly.

In the years I’ve been in business online I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into what were apparently really great tools I could use to build my business, only to sign up, get inside, marvel at the wonder of this new … whatever-it-was … and then find out that not only was it way past my knowledge at the time to figure out how to use it, but there was no way there for me to LEARN how to use it. Oh sure, there were instructions, but certainly nothing I could have understood at the time.

This series has been directed mainly at folks just starting out to work on the Internet. Let me ask you guys a question  …

How many of you would understand these sentences easily: “Insert your LCP URL into your rotator. Make sure the form on your LCP is single opt in. Then use your system “/page2.php” link as the thank you page. Now simply drive traffic to your rotator! You’re all set up!”


Well, yes … it’s actually simple and you probably ARE “all set up” at that point … but how many people just starting out are going to handle it easily without being intimidated, confused, and eventually overwhelmed? Very few, I would guess.

Additionally, how many times, as a Newbie, did I run into things like that and then discover that the “whatever-it-was” I was trying to set up supplied no way for me to actually contact a PERSON. Even worse, there were no conference calls, conference rooms, or phone numbers for me to do that either.

Well, this is a great danger … even today … for anyone starting to put together an Internet business, and it applies to ALL the tools we’ve discussed over the last week.

For ANY of the items we’ve gone over, you want to make sure that there is good, solid training available. You also want to make sure that training is available in both LIVE and RECORDED forms … AND … you want to make sure the trainers are top notch.

Now, that’s a lot to ask for, but I’m going to go even further. When I say “top notch” trainers, I’m not just talking good. What I mean is: they are SO good that the specific program will advertise THEIR NAMES right up front … as one of the selling points of that particular tool. They should be names YOU KNOW. Or … if you don’t know them … you should be able to Google them and immediately find tons and tons of GOOD THINGS about them.

OK … now we’re asking for quite a lot here, and the candidates are dwindling. Lots of programs offer “Complete Training” … but most of them have it supplied by Primo Schminke or Ferd Berfell (two competent trainers I’m sure), but NOT by people that are well known for BEING TRAINERS. That’s the point! If you want training … you should look to a Professional Trainer … not some program member who might know the program but isn’t experienced at TEACHING … which is what training is all about. You see, it’s not the knowledge of the subject that’s important here … that’s simple “Support”. Training involves the ability to TEACH … and that’s what you need to be sure to look for.

Now I’m going to take it even one step further …

Why should the training provided be limited to simply the use of the tool provided by the supplier you choose? Now that’s an interesting question.

Look at it this way:

The supplier of a tool you’re going to use to build your Internet business has a vested interest in your success in whatever your business is! The fact is that you are going to pay to use that tool, probably on a monthly basis. The tool system provider is going to be making money off of you as you use it and continue to do so. BUT … what happens if you fail in your Primary Business? Well, at that point … you’ll most likely cancel your subscription to whatever I-Marketing tool we’re talking about, and the company providing it no longer receives your payment!

What I just described is a run of the mill, daily occurrence with most I-Marketing tool suppliers. They offer “support”, but no training that looks any further than how to use the tool they supply. What they focus on is a narrow field of interest, looking only at what THEY are doing … not at what YOU are. As a result, they focus on bringing more and more new people daily into their system, so when the older ones drop out they are simply replaced … with new people who will fail … and be replaced in turn.

Now I’m going to supply you with THE BIG DEMAND IN TRAINING.

What you want to look for is an I-Marketing Tool provider that looks further than that. There are companies out there that supply, not just training on how to use their tools, but training on how to use them to build your business … whatever it might be that you’re promoting. I’m talking about companies that provide simple tools, offer training in how to use those, but ALSO offer great training by experts in affiliate marketing, MLM, network marketing, etc. There are tool providers out there who offer sales training, follow up training, lead generation training, motivational training … TONS of things that they provide to benefit YOU and your business … but that really have nothing to do with the particular tool they provide.

The fact is, these companies … and there aren’t many of them … see the big picture. They know that if YOU succeed in YOUR business … you will keep paying to use their tools! It’s that simple! It makes good business sense, but the vast majority of I-Marketing tool providers are simply blind to it.

THAT’S the BIG DEMAND you need to make when you look for tools for your I-Marketer’s Toolkit. Training … available live, recorded, and personally … provided by people who have great reputations and are well-known as TRAINERS … AND that covers ALL areas of your online business, not just how to use the tools.


Well … here we are at the end of our series on your I-Marketer’s Toolkit. We’ve covered a lot over the last 6 days.

I debated as to whether or not I was going to do what I’m about to when we reached the end … but I’ve decided … what the hell! I am!

Listen, I’ve been working online for years now. I’ve seen programs in all the categories we’ve covered come and go regularly. I’ve been a member, user, and promoter of many of them, both good and bad.

I have NEVER found one company that provided EVERYTHING we’ve talked about, and certainly not at the price it’s offered by GVO.

GVO is Global Virtual Opportunity. It’s my one most important recommendation to anyone starting out to work online who’s trying to get their Toolkit together. It’s also the most important thing I can recommend to the experienced marketer who wants to SAVE MONEY and have the best I-Marketing tools available.

Not only does GVO provide ALL of the things we’ve covered over the last 6 days … it supplies much, much more. GVO is also a great income opportunity with a great pay plan! If you;re just starting out and not quite sure what you want to promote … GVO is a great place to start! By joining GVO you get everything you need to market online … and a business that can bring you a great income.

So … what do I mean when I talk about a “reasonable price”?

GVO is $44.95 a month.

No … seriously.

When I joined GVO I immediately began saving over $200 a month because of all the other accounts I was able to cancel. Now, as a member, I can grow my business and lists as big as I want … and never get penalized by those “sliding scale” charges like other companies use. I can take advantage of training provided by the likes of Janet Legere, Chet Hastings, Ken Hammond, Mark Call, Joel Therien, Gerry Schroeder, Jamie Ohler, Jerry Meyer, Keith Carberry … AND … Marshall Sylver! Hey … don;t take my word … Google ’em!

You can join GVO on the $1 Trial for 14 days. If you don’t think it’s everything I’ve said … quit! I don’t care! The reason I don’t care is simple: I know you won’t.

So … here’s the big invitation at the end: I invite you to join me in GVO. When you do, I’ll be there, as well as all the folks I listed above, to help you every step of the way … personally.

If you’d like to see a presentation about GVO, you can visit the Academy at: and simply log in to any of the opportunity presentations … you’ll see the schedule right there.

If you’re a fireball and want to get inside and look around right now … CLICK HERE

Thanks for following this series. I’m going to take a couple of days off of posting here and then get back in the saddle. I hope you found the series informative. Yes, I do have a GVO slant to all this, but the information is my true advice … built from my own experience … and delivered to you with the hope that you find it helpful.

Have a GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer

For The Best Selection Of Tools For Your “I-Marketer’s Toolkit” … At A Price Anyone Can Afford … CLICK HERE

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  1. BRAD February 20, 2010 at 7:24 PM #

    yea hi just a newbe greeny retired carpenter promoting some web sites for commision and buildig web tool looking at buisness to take on promotig it when up and going ——yea there is lots to learn and so much that there seems to be no order and lots of replicated stuff any way nice to meet you good luck

    brad satchell

    • Steve Gaghagen February 22, 2010 at 3:18 PM #

      Hey Brad … nice to meet you as well and thanks for the comment.

      I’ve been doing this online stuff for years now, and the bestg way I know to get started is outlined on the “Getting Started/Getting Going” page on this website. Most people don’t understand the value and necessity of “Branding” yourself online. The steps outlined on that page are the first in the process of doing just that. I’d be glad to help you with it if you need it. 🙂

  2. Doug Casady February 24, 2010 at 2:03 PM #

    Hey Steve,
    I just want to thank you for all that you do to help me and others as we grow are Online businesses. You really showed me by example yesterday the whole concept of Know, Like and Trust when we spoke yesterday! When I called you about signing-up under you for Bob Yeager’s training course, and you told me that I would get the program at a better price through Janet Legere I was so excited to experience your integrity first hand! You could have signed me up and taken the continued commissions, but you really did the right thing and told me about a better option for me. I thank you again for your honest approach to Online Marketing that I will always remember.

    Best to you,
    Doug Casady

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