Create Your Success Mindset – Pt 2

NOTE: This series of posts started out as one video and one post. LO AND BEHOLD! It got way to long and involved for that. With this in mind, I decided to break it down into three parts, and this is the second of those three. Because the video was made as one, you may notice some of what I say references all of the information being in one video, or all of the post being “down below”. Rest assured, you’re not losing your mind … it isn’t all there. You will find a link at the bottom of each post to move right on to the next one if you want to do it all in one sitting. However you do it … you’ll be doing yourself a great favor if you simply relax and take the time to read and watch it all. It could be the most important bit of information you gain all year.


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Pt 2 – Using Your Daily Checklist

So … you’ve visited the previous posts and composed your Mission Statement and your Strategic Business Plan, right? All caught up are we? Good … let’s move on.

Now, you have your Mission statement, and you know what that’s for and how to use it. If you don’t, you can find that information in the previous post where we covered all that.

You also have your Strategic Business Plan. You also understand the use of this item from the post on the subject, and you should use your it in just that way.

Here’s where things get really powerful! We’re going to incorporate your Strategic Business Plan with another tool you probably already use. We’re just going to create a variation on a theme … a certain way of combining these things … that will keep you energized, laser-focused, and nurturing your Success Mindset each and every day of the year of this year-long project.

You Do Use A Daily Checklist, Right?

We haven’t covered a Daily Checklist in this series as I’m taking it for granted that you use one. My good friend Janet Legere is always teaching the importance of using a checklist on a daily basis. Working at home we’re susceptible to all sorts of distractions. Working online makes it even worse. The Internet’s middle name seems to be “distraction” for most of us. A Daily Checklist is vital to organizing our business, staying focused, and really getting anything accomplished at all. If you’re not using a checklist it’s likely that you’re simply flailing around uselessly, expending a lot of effort and accomplishing nothing.

Just a quick review of your Daily Checklist:

Preferably every evening when you finish work … or, alternately, each morning before you begin … you simply sit down and write out a list of the things you need to accomplish in your next work session. You prioritize that list, then proceed from the top on down. You assign a certain amount of time to each item so as to fill your work day. When you reach the end of the time assigned to any item, if it’s not yet completed, you STOP and move on to whatever is scheduled next on the list. Any incomplete items are simply moved to a time frame the next day to be completed. Those that are completed within their time frame are simply dropped from the list.

That’s basically how your Daily Checklist works, and just doing that alone is tremendously powerful to your productivity and your business organization. As I said, I take it for granted that most of you reading this are already doing this in some form or another. If you’re not … start now!

Here’s the point of all this:

Your Daily Checklist is a great organizational tool. It helps with focus and can really ramp up your productivity while increasing the ease with which you get things done. However, it is only a list of things to do. It’s not designed to help maintain your Success Mindset, to motivate you and keep you focused on your “why”. Those things are provided by your Mission Statement and your Strategic Business Plan.

In the next post, we’re going to meld these things together in such a way that … if you use it as I’m teaching you here … you can’t help but change your life for the better.

So … that’s it for this post. To proceed to the next video and the real “nutz and boltz” of how to put this great strategy to work for you daily … simply use the link you’ll find below to press on!

See you on the next page!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer


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2 Responses to Create Your Success Mindset – Pt 2

  1. Milagro June 5, 2013 at 9:13 PM #

    Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems
    with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was
    hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work due to
    no back up. Do you have any methods to protect against hackers?

    • Steve Gaghagen June 6, 2013 at 1:13 PM #

      Hey Milagro … yup. I’ve had hackers problems in the past and most everybody has, to be honest. There’s nothing worse than having a nice site and waking up one morning to find it littered with Viagra and Cialis links. But … I have a solution for you that is simple to implement and will take care of the problem for you. It starts with 2 recommendations and one simple plugin:

      1) Use highly encrypted passwords on your WP blog. I use a password generator that creates 9 character, random passwords using numbers, letters, caps and lower case, and symbols. I don’t have trouble remembering them as I use RoboForm for all my logins and the password generator comes with it. If you’re not familiar with RoboForm, you can find it HERE.

      2) DO NOT use “Admin” for your username in any WP blog. That’s the default and if you leave it that way you’re making it easy for a hacker. You’re handing them 1/2 the information they need to break you open. Also … don’t use your name. Use something no one would guess and then adjust your settings inside the blog to display your real name to readers.

      3) Here’s the big one: install and learn to use a free plugin called “Bulletproof Security”. This is essential. You can find it in the WordPress library. It’s a bit complicated, so you will probably need some training to set it up. I have a free 1 hour video lesson on using it at my sister site “Online Techniques”. To access that lesson, go to That is the page for recorded and live trainings. Scroll down until you see the Bulletproof Security training video and simply watch that. It will show you how to set the plugin up, and when you get it running it will literally protect you from almost anything out there. Since I started using it on all my blogs I’ve had no problems at all. AND… it’s free! Gotta love that one.

      Hope that helps! And thanks for the comment and the question!

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