Create Your Success Mindset – Pt 1

NOTE: This series of posts started out as one video and one post. LO AND BEHOLD! It got way to long and involved for that. With this in mind, I decided to break it down into three parts, and this is the first of those three. Because the video was made as one, you may notice some of what I say references all of the information being in one video, or all of the post being “down below”. Rest assured, you’re not losing your mind … it isn’t all there. You will find a link at the bottom of each post to move right on to the next one if you want to do it all in one sitting. However you do it … you’ll be doing yourself a great favor if you simply relax and take the time to read and watch it all. It could be the most important bit of information you gain all year.


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Create Your Success Mindset – Pt 1

In our last several posts, we’ve been discussing how to create a Success Mindset. We began by discussing some tools you can you to help you achieve this. We talked about having a Strategic Business Plan and how to create our own Mission Statement.

Today we’ll discuss how to nurture and hold on to your Success Mindset … even in the face of adversity.

What would you do if I told you that today I was going to give you a simple strategy that you could do on a daily basis, that would ensure your business, personal, and financial success … if you would just do it religiously for one year.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Would you do it?

Of course you would. Well, that’s what this post is going to do for you today. Before the end of this article, you will have in your hands a simple practice that will absolutely guarantee that you will change your entire life within the next year … provided you simply do it daily. If you follow these instructions you will completely change your current mindset. You will successfully create and nurture a Success Mindset … and because everything you are begins with your thoughts … you will change your world.

This is not hyperbole or “hype”. I have nothing to gain by sending you off to do some useless “hocus pokus” for the next year that’s not going to do what I promise. You aren’t paying me for the privilege of reading this … or for what you’ll learn here today. My only motivation here is to help you by imparting a strategy that I know really works.

How do I know it works?

I know because I’ve done it myself … and I’ve done it myself because I’ve been taught by others … and those others learned this information because research has been done by many before into the habits of wealthy and successful people … and that research has discovered that those people have certain traits, habits, and ways of thinking in common … and this strategy lies at the very foundation of their success.

So will you do this? Well, that, of course is up to you. BUT … I’m going to make this little strategy SO SIMPLE, you’ll be hard-pressed to come up with a good excuse as to just why you wouldn’t.

Pt 1 – What Is A Success Mindset?

Everything begins as a thought. No one ever got a new pair of pants without first thinking, “I want a new pair of pants”. No one ever became a nurse without first thinking, “I want to become a nurse”. No one ever achieved great wealth without first thinking, “I want to make more money”.

You MUST ASK for what you want.

The trouble most of us have is that we’re always asking for the wrong things … we ask for the things we DON’T WANT! When we achieve something or gain something we like, instead of focusing on how much we like it, how grateful we are for it, what we did to gain or achieve it, and how to get our hands on more of the same thing … we immediately start thinking and focusing on how terrible it would be if we lost it, or it was taken away again. We fall into that negative trap and when we do … we’re actually ASKING FOR THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE REALLY WANT! When we start dwelling in that negativity we absolutely guarantee that we WILL lose the thing we wanted so badly.

Seriously consider this point: To gain the things we want in life … whatever that may be … we need to constantly ASK FOR IT.

I don’t care WHO or WHAT you’re asking it of. It could be God, Buddha, the Universe, Quantum Mechanics, or some Cosmic Muffin, for all I know.

I also don’t care HOW you’re asking. It could be by Prayer, Intention, or Animal Sacrifice … it really doesn’t matter to the point I’m making here.

The thing to remember is this:

Whoever You Ask … And However You Ask It …What You Receive Is Determined By One Thing:

What You Are Willing To Settle For


So … as you learn this powerful technique I’m going to teach you … and as you go about your daily routine … always keep asking yourself this question: “Am I Asking For More? … Or Am I Settling For Less?”

These thoughts are at the foundation of what I’m bring you here, and they are the explanation of just why this wonderful but simple technique is so powerful. With all this in mind … let’s proceed to gather together the tools we need to put this all together.

Did You Create Your Strategic Business Plan & Mission Statement?


Did you go through the process we described in the last two posts and create your Strategic Business Plan and write out your concise Mission Statement?

If you didn’t … then this is the time to get that done. Go back to those posts and do that now. You’ll need them both … especially your Strategic Business Plan … if you’re going to proceed. What we’re going to do here is bring these all together into a kind of synergy … something you can use in your everyday work process that will keep you focused on the job at hand, and keep you from getting lost in the negativity of fear.

Once you’ve got your Strategic Business Plan and your Mission Statement in hand, we can proceed. So if you haven’t done it yet … go to the sidebar on this webpage and find the posts about your Strategic Business Plan and your Mission Statement. Do them in that order and then go ahead and proceed to the next post. You’ll find a Direct Link at the bottom of this post that will move you onwards through the process.

See you on the next page!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer


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