How To Write Your Strategic Business Plan


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How To Write Your Strategic Business Plan

Here’s a question for you: If you were going to drive from Los Angeles to Nashville, would you get in the car and start driving without first having a good idea of how to get there? No, you wouldn’t. Unless you were planning a very relaxed, meandering journey … with no urgency and no particular arrival time … you’d get on Google Maps, look up the exact address in Nashville that was your destination, and plan your route from beginning to end. You’d have a strategic plan to carry out that was designed to achieve your goal of getting to Nashville.

Well, your online business is the same. Before you even start marketing anything online, you need a strategic business plan designed to help you achieve your goals. One of the main reasons people fail when they begin to create income from home is for lack of a coherent and specific business plan designed in advance.

If you have no business plan as yet, but you’re already working online … it’s not too late. Follow this simple guide, create your strategic business plan … and many of the problems you’ve probably encountered will simply disappear.

Why Do You Want To Create Income From Home?

To create your strategic business plan, first ask yourself WHY. Why do you want a home business in the first place? If you work from home, and successfully make money from home, what will that bring to you that you desire so much? You’ll want to write down reasons that might be general in nature, such as “I can spend more time with my family”, or “having more money will take away the stress of constant worry about bills”. You should also write down reasons that may be specific to your own business, like “I want to get these great products into as many hands as possible to help improve their health”, or “the more people use my products the more we help the environment”.

BUT … be specific … and ACTUALLY WRITE IT DOWN in list form.


Your list should lead you to the next step in creating a strategic business plan: Your roadmap.

Once you have your list, take each item, study it, and decide what needs to be done to achieve it and how exactly you’re going to do it. Give yourself a timeframe to achieve each item and break it all down into smaller, easily digestible steps. Then, write a short paragraph about each item on your list, and detail what you need to do to get there, how long it’s going to take, and the steps you’re going to carry out to achieve each item in your plan.

Don’t be concerned about being overly detailed or wordy. This can be simple and direct sentences like, “I will build my online mailing list by using giveaways on traffic exchanges and list building web sites” … or, “I will sponsor non-profit organizations into my business who can use our services as fund-raising activities”. Remember: your strategic business plan should be something you can glance at as a reminder when you need to … not something that reads like Tolstoy and takes you a long time to get into. Simple, direct, and short is best, as long as everything important to you is included.


Now you have your “why” and you’ve added a “roadmap” to it. Next, prioritize your plan by simply putting each paragraph in order of importance. Ask yourself, “Which one of these items needs to be done first?” … “which second?” … and so on. Of course, some will overlap, but arrange them in as good an order as you can. Then … get started!

Keep in mind that a strategic business plan is not a static thing. Items on your list will be completed and passed by. Situations will change and new items will move into your radar and onto your list. You are not the same today as you will be two years from now, and your business isn’t either. Neither is the market in which you operate. All of this fluidity means that your strategic business plan will need updating on a regular basis. You should revisit it in detail at least once a month. Remove things as they are accomplished and add the new items as they present themselves.

Having a strategic business plan for your Internet business … instead of flailing around on the Internet blindly and with no clear objective in mind … is essential to your success. The success of your business plan depends on whether or not you actually write it down and keep it handy. If you have it to refer to when things go wrong or times get tough … and you’ve created your business plan correctly … you’ll find it will go a long way to assure your success.

Have A GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert and Trainer


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  1. Paul Hance March 16, 2010 at 6:11 AM #

    Great information as usual Steve. I have added a blog post regarding this information. You can check it out and let me know if you are good with it.

    Thanks for all you do,

    • Steve Gaghagen March 16, 2010 at 9:03 AM #

      Hey Thanks Paul.

      EVERYBODY! Visit Paul’s blog. You’ll find a lot of great information and resources there!

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