Snow Day(s)!

Big Bear In Winter Is GREAT …

… But Enough Is Enough!

Well, as many people reading this will be aware … I’ve been “missing in action” for about a week now. This blog post is just to say …

“Hi There! Yes … I’m still alive and back online!”

Starting last week, on the 22nd of January, we began having snow here in Big Bear. The first day was actually very nice. We got a lot of snow, but there weren’t too many problems … in fact it was fun. I shot the following video on that day. Go ahead and watch … you’ll see some of the reasons why I just love my “mountain cabin” here in Big Bear … and you’ll see Monty having a great time in his first real snow.


Well … after that … things got hairy. That video was shot in the morning. By that evening, the storm had dumped several more feet of snow. By the time it was over the next morning it had brought down the valley electrical system, the phone system … and my Internet access along with it. I was without power for 48 hours, but many areas of the valley were without for 4 or 5 days! The phone company (Verizon) was so overloaded that the soonest they could get my phone and Internet up and running was YESTERDAY … one full week after they went down.

Now, I was actually fine during that whole time. As you saw in the video, my little mountain house is small and I can heat with wood completely, which is what I usually do all winter anyway. However, some people, like my 84 year old mother, live in much more “modern” situations. At her house, when the electrical is off, her central forced air heating and fully electrical kitchen all cease to work! She had no heat and no way to cook anything for 48 hours. We had to figure out a way to dig her out and get her out of there to a friends house … which we did. At the time we got her out, her house was a nice, comfortable 38 degrees (F). 😛

At any rate … it’s over now … all systems are back up and running … and I’m once again within reach by phone or online. That’s the main purpose of this entry here … to let those of you who read this know that you can contact me for help once again whenever you need it. When the phone came back on yesterday afternoon … I had 78 voice mail messages! I’ve tried to contact everyone, but if I missed you, just shout.

Also … I am working on several things that I’ll be rolling out within the next few days … things I hope will help with some of your questions … especially about using the tools provided at GVO. We’ll be talking about working within WordPress, uploading files to your own domain, and creating folders and sub-domains, so keep an eye on the blog during the coming week. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do … and it will all happen here.

Besides … they’re now predicting a similar storm here for next weekend! I want to get as much out between now and then as I can … LOL.

Have a GREAT WEEK everybody … and thanks for being patient while I was offline!


Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert and Trainer

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3 Responses to SNOW DAY … Er … WEEK!

  1. Roger Taylor January 30, 2010 at 6:24 PM #

    Hey Steve, great video! I really enjoy watching your video’s of Monty. What a Beautiful dog. And what Beautiful country you live in. We experienced about the same thing here the past couple of days. It snowed here in the Ozarks, just outside of Branson,Mo., for 21 hrs.. My dogs(2-brother & sister)love the snow. Later Steve, Roger Taylor & Family

  2. guido January 31, 2010 at 7:50 AM #

    Hi Steve,

    I love snow, if I see it in the Tv ;-))! I am still lifing in Spain and in the Moment we have real cold (for spain) and i am waiting for the spring!

    Whats true, I hate winter there is nothing good on it! But I like it if I see it only in videos or maybee Films and Tv!!!

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Have a nice day.

    See you

    Guido from Spain

  3. Doug Casady January 31, 2010 at 1:52 PM #

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the update! Good to have you back again. I’m glad I only had to watch your snow storm from a distance! The video is great!
    Catch you later, Doug Casady

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