Setting Up A WordPress Blog For Hosting On GVO

Hello to all my fellow GVO members!

This message is directed specifically at you to help you get some things set up at GVO. If you’re not yet a member of GVO, you can find out what all the hoopla is about by visiting That site will tell you all about it and you can take the $1 14-day trail! Once you get set up with an account, come on back and follow the directions below!

First of all … to those of you who just joined … WELCOME TO GVO! As you can see from your Member’s Area at GVO … … There’s a LOT there! From unlimited autoresponders to unlimited domain hosting and video hosting … everything you need to market online is available to you through GVO.

The great thing is that your $44.95 is a set fee and will never go up – no matter how many domains you host or how big your lists get.  Your Monthly fee stays the same.

This post is designed to help you get set up the right way at GVO. I want to thank my friend and mentor Janet Legere who actually put together these instructions and granted permission to use them here. So … let’s get to business …

First of all … let’s make sure your GVO account is set up correctly.

1. Edit Your Profile

You will find this under My Account Manager on the left side of your GVO members area.

a.  Make sure your name and email address are correct.  If you have a website hosted at GVO/Kiosk you can enter it here as well.  It is optional.

b.  Under the Payment section, you need to choose if you wish to be paid by Check or by Paypal.  If you choose Paypal, you need to enter your current Paypal email address.  If you choose to be paid by Check, please make certain your Name and Address are correct as this is where GVO will send your checks.  Make sure this information is correct because YOU WILL Earn at GVO!

c.  As you grow, you may decide to help one of your downline members by sending your “spillover” to them.  You can do this by placing their username in the box titled “Signup Under Name”.  If you are unsure of this, please leave it blank.

2.  Edit Billing Info

This is where you can check to make sure your billing info is always up to date.  You can also check the payment history of your account.  It’s important that you keep your account active.

That’s all we really need to cover ragarding your profile. At this point, if you’ve followed the directions here, you account is correctly set up.

So … what now?

Well, you’ll want to begin using the services of GVO, and the best way to do that is to host a website there. What I’m going to be showing you here is the very simplest way to get started from scratch. If you already have a website and want to move it to GVO that’s very easy and the videos in GVO show you how to do that. Here we’re going to be going through the setup if you have no web page at present.

The easiest way to create your own website is to simply install a WordPress Blog on your domain at GVO. Right now you are reading a blog post that was created on WordPress and hosted at GVO. This page is a great example of the kind of thing you can create there very easily and begin making full use of your GVO tools.

Before we get started I want to remind you that these instructions are pretty “bare bones”. What you’re reading is simply the very essentials to getting this done. In the past we’ve had to get pretty detailed in instructions as the GVO back office wasn’t completely set up.
However, all that’s changed.

In your GVO back office there are videos for almost EVERYTHING. On every page, in the upper right hand corner, below the “Support” button, you will see a button that asks, “Need Help?” If you click that button you will view a video that is specific to that particular page. I urge you to watch all the videos as you go. In fact, some of these instructions will simply be, “Watch the video on that page and then do as it says”!

There are three main steps to this process:

1) Registering your Domain

2) Setting up your WebHost Account at GVO.

3) Installing a WordPress blog on your GVO domain.

We’ll take them in order here.



In your GVO back office, you will see the “Unlimited Web Hosting” menu in the left hand sidebar. To register a domain name with GVO simply select the “Domain Registration” link in that menu. Once on that page, simply watch the movie and proceed as directed. It’s really very simple!

What to choose as a domain name?

I recommend using your name. The address of this page is “”. Very simple. If you have a very common name, like Bob Smith, for example, your name might already be taken, but I suggest using some variation on your name … perhaps “” or something like that. In this way you are “branding” yourself as much as possible.

The system will tell you what domain names are available and what names are already taken. The movie on that page will tell you everything you need to do to register your domain name.

If you already have a web page and want to move the hosting to GVO, you’ll click on the “Changing Your DNS” link. The same situation occurs there … you can watch the movie and do as it says. If you don’t have a web page you’re moving, but are creating from scratch, you can simply skip that link.

Setup Your WebHost Account

From within your GVO Member’s area, click on Webhost Manager, then click on the “Need Help” video and watch the instructions there. This video will show you how to get everything setup to host your domains.

Here are some bare-bones instructions. Keep in mind, these items are covered by the videos, but this may help if you want additional info from something written down:

To get started with your Web Hosting, click on Web Host Manager. Then you will see a large button that says


This will bring you to your main control panel where you can setup your hosting package and add your accounts (domains).  Don’t let all the buttons and links distract you, focus on the few tasks you need to undertake to get your domain setup.

1.  Create a Package

This will be the default package for any domains you host here.  Detailed instructions are on the video and I recommend you watch the video first before setting up this information.  If you are unsure, contact me directly.

2.  Add an account

The second step will be to add your domain and get it setup.  You need to have a package setup to add your domain.  You will be able to choose a username or the system will generate one.  Again, details are on the training video and I cannot stress enough how important it is to watch the training video.

From here, you can create and upload your html website OR, follow the steps to install a WordPress blog and have an instant website.


Install WordPress Blog

How to Install a blog on your domain

For those who would rather not get into website design and website building, you can install a word press blog right on your new domain.  It takes just a few moments to install.

1.  Access your Cpanel for your domain

From your webhost manager, go to List Accounts, locate your domain and click on the CPanel icon to the right of the domain name (it’s blue and looks like a CP).  This will open the control panel for your domain and will automatically login.

You may need to logout of your cpanel and then choose to login again.  It’s an administration thing.

Once logged in for the second time, look at the icons on your control panel.  Scroll to the bottom and select the Fantastico icon.

Click on the icon.

You will see a new menu on the left, locate the WordPress script.

Click on the Word Press link.

Follow the instructions to install your word press blog.

You will need to create an admin username and password, PLEASE WRITE THESE DOWN.  You will need them to login to your blog once you install it.

When the installation is complete, the system will give you notice and at this time you can choose to have the installatoin information emailed to you.

I recommend you do this!

Ok, now that your word press blog is installed you need to learn a few key points to creating posts and pages.  With your WordPress blog, you can create “pages” AND “posts”.

Things to know about when setting up your word press blog

Pages vs Posts

With an installed Word Press Blog, you have the option of posting articles just like you do on a Blogspot blog, but what I like about WordPress is I can also create pages and I can setup the system to open a page instead of a post.  The default is usually to your latest post.

I have several word press blogs and on my main site, I have pages setup for “about me”, “subscribe”, “resources” and a “pre-launch” page.

Pages are static where as your blog posts will change every time you post a new article.

Word Press Blogging Tips

Adding Widgets!

You can add widgets to your blog, much like adding Gadgets on a Blogspot blog. From your wordpress back office, click on Appearance and from the Appearance menu, you will see the Widgets option.

Changing Templates!

You can choose from a wide range of templates – something to suit everyone’s taste. Remember, your blog is your personal space where people will get to know you. From the Appearance section, choose Add New Themes and select from the many themes available.  You will be able to install the theme then activate in just a few simple steps.  It’s also easy to change your theme if you choose to.


That’s it!

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have problems or questions you can always contact Support at GVO. They are VERY helpful and do a great job of assisting with any problems. You can also contact me for help any time you like.

Steve Gaghagen

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5 Responses to Setting Up A WordPress Blog For Hosting On GVO

  1. Dazzling Dolly Lutz October 29, 2009 at 7:07 PM #

    Hi, Steve,
    Thanks soooo much for putting up this info about setting up my Word Press Blog with my GVO account.
    I did join under you after I was sent numerous messages from other Internet “Gurus”. Something about your picture and letters just made me want to trust you….

    Now I am really glad I’ve joined under you. I read your “About Me” page and can see we are quite similar. I too used to be involved with the “THEATRE” and I still love attending live plays etc…(I keep saying that “one day” I’m going to do Volunteer work, but never seem to have time:>)

    I have been in sales since 15 years old and even applied for my Real Estate License, but changed my mind about being in that business……..with two small children at the time, I felt it took me away from home too much.

    I have been on-line for a couple of years but haven’t made any money as such……but I have learned an awful lot and the GVO program is absolutely awesome…….everything is under one “roof” and I’ve been wanting to get a Word Press Blog OR my own Website up for a while now……
    Using GVO with the ability to host several sites is just what I needed and NOW I do believe I am finally going to be making real money on-line.
    I will also be using the Free REport, but I am already signed up under someone else,.(sorry)

    I’m looking fwd to learning more from you and sharing with others. This is exciting!
    Watch for my BLOG very soon at
    Blessings, Your new Partner,
    Dazzling Dolly Lutz

    • Steve Gaghagen October 29, 2009 at 7:52 PM #

      Hey Dolly …

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I’ll do my best to live up to your wonderful words (YIKES! … LOL). Contact me any time I can be of help!

  2. TheCaymanHost January 5, 2010 at 10:15 PM #

    Hi Steve,

    As a long time Kiosk/GVO customer I came across your post whilst doing a little stat checking. I’m sure this will be useful for new GVO users, and particularly those new to the world of hosting too.

    There is only one point I feel should be clarified and that is the issue of domain registration – regardless of what hosting company you use it is not necessary, some would even say prudent, to buy your domain through your host.

    For one thing it is far cheaper to use registrars such as Namecheap or GoDaddy for domains but more importantly your hosting company can never hold you to ransom or give you problems further down the line should you ever need or wish to change hosts.

    Sure, GVO have made it very easy to buy your domains through them but it’s a lucrative business so naturally they want to offer the service and make it simple – sound business sense.

    I’m certainly not suggesting they are not to be trusted, just that those new to the whole thing should understand that they have options and will invariably save money by shopping around for domains just like everything else and in the long run it can make life a lot simpler if you keep the hosting/domain equations separate. It is not difficult to register a domain name elsewhere and the process of pointing it to your host’s DNS is usually explained very clearly after you purchase.

    • Steve Gaghagen January 8, 2010 at 4:28 PM #

      Hi Hi … whoever you are … (I sure wish folks would just use their names when posting. I like talking to PEOPLE) …

      I completely agree with you. However, in my business I deal with many, many “extreme” newbies. The simplicity of purchasing domain names through one back office, for them, is probably worth the $2 or $3 per YEAR they’d save by shopping elsewhere. To them what’s important is getting a website up and running RIGHT NOW … and doing it in the easiest way possible. Trying to teach people how to shop for domain names in tons of different sources … when you’re actually trying to teach them what a domain name IS in the first place … and knowing they want their website up and going YESTERDAY … just seems to me to be confusing the issue at this point.

      I’d say … if you’re a newbie learning the process and you’re a member of GVO … do it the simple way at first … and then get creative later if you like.

      BTW … I repaired the link to your website in your post. There was a letter missing and it went nowhere. 🙂

  3. starting home business April 9, 2013 at 8:52 PM #

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