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We’ve Been Talking About Getting More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog …

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Last week I posted a bit on adding ping services to your WordPress blog to increase traffic. The reaction was swift … large … and completely positive, and I’m very grateful for everyone who commented and left such nice remarks here.

At the time of that post I was actively looking for ways to increase the SEO friendliness of my WP blog/website. For those of my readers who are relative “newbies” at all of this, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization. What that means is constructing your website to be friendly, welcoming, and inviting to the “spiders” sent out by search engines. These “spiders” roam the web and “crawl” websites to index them by keywords and phrases. If your website is constructed in ways that are more easily read and understood by the spiders … it will be more highly indexed than a site that is not. Now, exactly what the spiders are looking for and are comfortable with … and just where in a webpage certain information needs to be and how it needs to be there … can turn into a very arcane type of pursuit. It’s certainly not the kind of thing most of us are comfortable dealing with right off the bat as we begin learning about making money on the Internet and working with web pages and blogs.

I was looking to find ways to optimize a WordPress blog for SEO that would be a good method for anyone … including our delicate newbies … and could be easily implemented by anyone without having to get into the areas of messing around with theme editors and such. Lo and behold, in one of Janet Legere’s online training sessions, my good friend Don Legere commented that there were WP Plugins designed to do just that … so I started looking for them.

What I found was that there are actually quite a few of these little goodies available. That meant I’d have to do some research and some “pokin’ around”. I don’t like to say, “Here’s something you should do and here are thirteen different ways to do it … you decide”. If I’m going to recommend something, I want to be specific and have specific instructions on how to get it done … instructions that are simple enough so even the person who has just gotten started blogging can pull it off with a minimum of hair loss and cussing. So I started collecting these little goodies … going through the process of installing and testing out each one to see just what it took to get them loaded, configured, and how easy they were to work with.

The fruit of all that is the point of this article today. I’m going to recommend a WordPress plugin to you that you can download for free, activate in your WP blog, and begin using in just a matter of minutes. It’s called “The All-In-One SEO Pack”, and it’s from Semper Fi Designs. It’s a great plugin and beat out all the others for ease of use, installation, and scope of effectiveness … that’s why it’s the one I’m recommending to you.

Obtaining and configuring your WP SEO Plugin is a simple, 4-Step process. However, I’m adding a fifth step here. The fifth step involves website Submission. SEO optimization is all well and good. However, it really reaches its highest possible level of effectiveness only when your website is submitted to search engines and Free For All ad sites, regularly and properly. Think of it this way: your WP SEO plugin cleans the house and makes it presentable and inviting to your guests (the spiders). Website Submission is the invitation you send to invite your spidery guests to drop buy … and index your house (site).

So … I’ve included Step #5, which will give you access to the BEST, most effective, easiest, and least expensive way there is to have your website submitted properly, professionally, and regularly. 

So … now we get to the good stuff: How to get the All-In-One SEO Pack … how to install it in your WP blog … and how to configure it … and how to set up continuing submission of your site to optimize search engine traffic. The following instructions are simple as far as I can see. The actual process for the first 4 steps took me about 5 minutes, and I’ve detailed each step below. The submission setup should take you about ten.



The first step is to download the plugin to your own computer. Use the following link to do that:


Once there, right-click on the “Download” tab, select “Save Target As” … and save the .zip file to your desktop, or anywhere else you might like to store it. You won’t have to unzip this file, you’ll be loading the complete .zip file into WordPress and it will all be done automatically.



After saving the .zip file of the plugin to your computer, login to your WordPress Dashboard.

In the left side menu, under “Plugins” … Select “Add New”.

This will take you to the “Install Plugins” page. Just under the page title … Select “Upload”.

On that page, use the “Browse” function to locate the plugin .zip file you just saved on your computer. Select it and click “Install Now”.



Once the system has completed installing the plugin … and it will tell you when it’s complete … takes just a few seconds … Select “Installed” from the “Plugins” category in the left hand menu.

This will take you to the “Manage Plugins” page, and you will see your new All-In-One SEO Pack plugin listed there. Below the title of the plugin, Select “Activate” to activate the new plugin.



To Configure your new plugin, you’ll simply click on “Options Configuration Panel” at the plugin listing on the Manage Plugins page. There’s actually not much to do to configure this thing. It’s designed to do most everything for you. When you open the Configuration page, you’ll want to make sure the plugin is “Enabled”, you’ll need to compose a Home Title, a Home Description, and come up with some Home Keywords. Those are probably the only things you’re going to want to do in the configuration section.

How you do these things … what exactly should be your Home Title, Description, and Keywords … is up to you. This is where creative thinking, and personal taste and objectives come into play. The guys at Semper Fi Designs have put up a good video that will help you. You can watch it here:



That’s about it! There are lots of things you can do with the All-In-One SEO Pack … but that’s the general and basic setup. As always, if you have questions or problems, you can always contact me and I’ll be glad to help if I can, but there is also a Forum at Semper Fi where you can go for help and answers. There’s a lot of good information there. You can find the Forum at:



>>> Now … we’re not done just yet! Now we have our house all cleaned and presentable for our spidery guests so they will be comfortable and happy to visit us. NOW … we need to send out invitations … in a way the search engines will like … and regularly.

To do this we go on to Step #5:



My Easy Submitting is the brainchild of Jason Lemure, partnering with my mentors Janet and Don Legere. This great service is EXTREMELY effective, easy to use and very inexpensive. There are other things you should be doing to increase traffic to your blog. One of those things is Website Submission. Some of you are already doing this … BUT … it will be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE now that you have your new SEO plugin installed and optimizing your blog.

Why use My Easy Submitting? Well, there are lots of reasons. First of all, it’s completely automated. Once you set it up … you forget about it. For website submission to be effective it must be done correctly AND REGULARLY. Submitting once does next to nothing. Submitting by hand to individual search engines is extremely time consuming. Those Submitter software thingys are horrible. They do a “one size fits all” type of submission, and search engines don’t really like that. MES submits regularly, automatically, and does it in the proper way, while consuming none of your time.

When I say it’s inexpensive, I mean it. If all you want to do is submit one site … the service is $14.95 a month. If you do this right … setting up MES with the same keywords you just chose for your SEO plugin … the results can be amazing. Now … this is not an overnight tactic. The combination of SEO optimization and Submission doesn’t mean that 400,000 people will visit your blog tomorrow. That’s where the REGULARLY part comes in. If your blog is SEO optimized … AND submitted regularly … over time you will see traffic growing as your search engine rankings increase.

So … Step 5 begins with getting your My Easy Submitting Account.

OH … By The Way … MES is running a Special until December 31, 2009 … When you register … USE THE PROMO CODE: HALF. You’ll save 50% on the first months fee. That’s a savings from $7.50 to $39.95 … depending on which account you choose.

Also … you should know there are a LOT more goodies in MES that will help with your WP Blog optimization. You’ll get to know and use these over time.



Now that you’ve got your My Easy Submitting Account … we can go on and set it up to submit your blog. In my example below, I am setting up my GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) website for submissions.

(You need to login to your MyEasySubmitting account to access the Submission services)

Login to MES here

Click on Search Engine Submission

Go to Create New Campaign

1. Campaign Name


2. Site URL (Use your blog domain or whatever website you want to submit)

3. Site Title (NOTE: Choose what fits your site … and tie it to the Title you used in your SEO plugin)

The WebHost That Helps You Make Money And Live Better

4. Key words (NOTE: Choose what fits your site … and tie it to the Title you used in your SEO plugin)

webhosting, money, autoresponders, list building,

5. Description (NOTE: Choose what fits your site … and tie it to the Title you used in your SEO plugin)

Web hosting, Domain hosting, Professional Auto-responders, Video Hosting all unlimited and all for one low price

6. dmoz (NOTE: Choose what fits your site … and tie it to the Title you used in your SEO plugin)

Select Business – Business Opportunities, then under subcategories, Business, Opportunities Online Opportunities, Affiliate Programs

Click NEXT

7. Select Options

* Choose Fast Mode
* Choose the default auto submit option, I recommend weekly
* DO not choose to submit Doorway pages .. leave this blank

You will have the ability to edit your campaign at any time.

If you chose an upgraded membership with more than one campaign, you can setup a campaign for other lead pages that you have ready. If you do not have other websites ready, you can leave your setup with just one campaign for your website.

Your site will be submitted regularly and over time, you too will see a co-relation between your site being submitted and activity happening.



If you’ve completed Steps 1-5 above, you now have your WordPress blog optimized for SEO … and you’re all set up for automated website submission to invite those creepy crawly little spidery guys to come over for a visit!


I hope you found this little excursion into Search Engine Optimization and Submission informative and helpful. I want to thank Janet Legere for the instructions in Step 5 … I swiped those right off of her blog at I visit there often and recommend it to anyone seriously wanting to learn to build their lists and work online.

Please leave your comments if you like. As always, I invite you to contact me with any questions or problems. I really am here to help if I can.

Have a GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer

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  1. Ken Pringle December 19, 2009 at 6:33 PM #

    Excellent Steve, well done post. Monty must have helped you. LOL! Take care my friend have a great holiday season. @010 is going to be fantastic!

    • Steve Gaghagen December 27, 2009 at 10:31 AM #

      Sorry for not replying sooner, Ken … the Holidays in a ski area town tend to take your life away! LOL!

      Yes … Monty is definitely a “partner” in everything. If he’s not … he’ll eat your foot off! Thanks for the good wishes and kind words! And … YES!!! 2010 will be splendiferous!

  2. Silvia Rod December 19, 2009 at 7:27 PM #

    Steve, Your post is brilliant. thanks for letting us to know about MES!. See you on goolge´s first page! ;-).

    • Steve Gaghagen December 27, 2009 at 10:32 AM #

      Thanks Silvia. Yeah … MES is wonderful, and it works!

  3. Anderson Goncalves December 20, 2009 at 4:55 AM #

    Hello Steve, great post! I see you and Monty were able to reach an agreement regarding his salary LOL. He really deserves a good pay raise 😉

    Happy Holidays!


    • Steve Gaghagen December 27, 2009 at 10:33 AM #

      Hey Anderson! How the heck are ya? Hope you had a great Holiday … and yes … Monty and I did reach an agreement. He takes everything and I better not complain … hahahaha.

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