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Services & Tools I Use & Recommend. This Is The List Of My “I-Marketing Secrets That I Learned The Hard Way”!


On this page, you will find links to the resources that I use on a daily basis. I’ve only listed the resources that I actively use and that are responsive. Some are free to join. However, as with all online advertising resources, maximum benefit comes from upgrading.

I suggest starting out slowly and add to your advertising portfolio as your budget and time allow. This list can look daunting to someone just starting out. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. It’s not like you have to go through all of this tonight and have it all up and running tomorrow.

Remember this:

“What’s the best way to eat an elephant?”

“One small bite at a time.”

That’s the concept here. This page is designed to be a reference page … a place you can return to again and again as you look for new techniques and tools to add to your marketing. So … relax. If you’re just starting out to work from home online … it’s a BUSINESS just like any other business. There’s no “Instant Profits … Auto-Pilot … Point and Click … Money Maker Dragon Thingy” … that’s a myth that doesn’t exist. There’s a large learning curve here and you need to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to take it One Step At A Time.

With all that said …

… Here’s the stuff!



Are you a “computer nincompoop?

Here are a couple of resources that you can use to study up on what a “window” is. If you’re really new at this stuff, remember … don’t try to do it all at once … take it one byte at a time. (sorry)

One-Click Learning Video Club – Clear, to the point, easy to follow, and FREE. Chet Hastings makes learning computer skills easy. There used to be one-time membership fee but Chet has found a way to actually do this completely FREE. If you’re new at this … don’t miss these great videos. – JOIN

The Newbie Club – For continuing education after your One Click Videos courses, join the Newbie Club and learn all you need about computers and the Internet. For the true Newbie, this will round out your education. Extensive courses available, from beginner to advanced. – JOIN



Open Office – Microsoft Office is the standard for computer Office Suites software. It contains programs for word processing, Spreadsheets, presentations … everything you need to run a small business that’s computer based.

Only thing is … IT’S $400+! is from Sun Microsystems. It was developed by a group of “counter culture” maniacs who have duplicated Microsoft Office … never coming close enough to Microsoft’s programming to get in trouble for it … and the result is Open Office!

It’s a complete office suite … duplicating Microsoft Office in every way you’ll ever notice … but with one difference … IT’S FREE. That’s right … free … when you download it … and always.

They update the program all the time … and the updates are free as well. It’s been around for over 10 years now … no bugs … it’s great! Get your FREE copy of OpenOffice –

– Evrsoft’s First Page 2006 is an incredible html editor. I use it to write all my emails, then I copy and paste into whatever system I’m mailing from. I have soooo much more control.

It’s great for creating and modifying capture pages or any type of work that may require html. It’s got an incredibly seamless WYSIWYG interface that allows it to work as easily as any word processor.

There’s a FREE version that’s fine. However, if you upgrade to the purchased version, which is much more powerful, you get a whole ton of web templates that are just GREAT for capture pages. – Evrsoft’s First Page

– This is the “best little puppy” on the Internet. Without RoboForm … I don’t know what I’d do! Toolbar saves all your Login information for any site requiring a username and password. One click navigates you to the site, enters your information … and gets you inside. The most incredible time-saver in I-Marketing. The FREE version works great and lets you store a lot of web page Logins, but eventually it will ask you to upgrade to Pro. It’s a one time charge of $29.95 and they update you forever. It’s the best thirty bucks I’ve ever spent. – RoboForm

GoodSync –
This is a cousin to RoboForm. It’s software that allows you to store all of your important information, documents, pictures … even all your RoboForm Login files … so that you will NEVER lose them. This is great for anybody who is concerned about losing your data in a computer crash … or simply if you want to access your data from another computer. It stores all your information in an online secure server so you never lose your passwords or important docs in a computer crash, and you can access them from any other computer. Like RoboForm, it’s Free to download, but when you get to a certain amount of information you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version to keep on using it. – GoodSync

NOTE: If you purchase the Pro version of RoboForm, you get $10 off the purchase of GoodSync at the same time.


It’s not the product, the service, the opportunity … in fact, it’s not ANYTHING you’re selling or promoting that’s going to be the thing that guarantees your success.

I have known people who have had GREAT products, services, or opportunities that have promoted them far and wide … and then fallen flat on their faces.

I’ve also know people with outright crappy products, services, or opportunities that have made MILLIONS!

So … what’s the difference?

It’s the SYSTEM they use to work online.

If you want to make money on the Internet you need to have a comprehensive and DUPLICATEABLE system to promote your business. Duplication is the key to success online. The people you bring into your business must be able to do the same things you’re doing to succeed.

The system must also contain full TRAINING. If you’re just starting out you might not know everything there is to know … you might not be ready to teach your new business partners yourself. You need a system that will do that for you! If you’re a seasoned marketer … you don’t have time to teach each new business partner individually. You need a system that will do most of that for you.

There are two systems I use and recommend. Here’s information on each and how to get your own:


The New Rich Report system is the Primary system I use to build my business online. This is a very effective, list building, funded sponsoring system that works like GANGBUSTERS! It’s the brain-child of Joel Broughton and my good friend and mentor Janet Legere, and Janet does the training for NRR.

The system is free to use. There are several things inside you need to affiliate with to make it work to it’s fullest potential, but nothing that would break the bank at Monte Carlo if you know what I mean.

The best thing is that the New Rich Report system is GENERIC. It works with ANY online business … you don’t need to join mine to make it work for you! So, if you already have a business or opportunty you want to promote … New Rich Report is perfect! You just plug in your own business … and GO!

NRR contains full training for the Newbie, and many “Downline Builders” that will help you creat what every Internet marketer really wants … Multiple Streams Of Income!

Don’t take my word for it. Like I said … the system is free to use. So go ahead and sign up and take a look around. If you don’t think the New Rich Report system is everything I say it is … just forget about it. BUT … if you agree … and I think you will … contact me and I’ll make sure you’re plugged in to all of Janet’s great training and I’ll help you get your system set up and ready to start making you money right away!

Follow this link to find out all about it:



The other system I use online is called Earth Friendly Biz. This is the creation of my friend Janet Legere and her husband Don. It’s a great little system that’s very effective. It has all the same stuff and works the same way as New Rich Report … it’s basically just designed differently and tends to appeal to a different kind of prospect or user.

You can check out the EarthFriendlyBiz system here:



If you’re new at marketing online, I would start with only one system … especially if you don’t as yet have a mailing list of your own. I would choose one system and stick with that until you have at least 2,000 people on your mailing list.

For Further Discussion of the differences between these two systems, visit the “MARKETING SYSTEMS” page on this site.



Right now I’m going to cover a LOT of things the online marketer needs, and this may start out sounding complicated … but bear with me … it’s really not. First, some short comments about each of these items …


The beauty of Network Marketing has always been … it’s built on Relationships … people talking to other people. However, in the past we’ve been limited by how many people we could actually build a relationship with.

As in ALL types of marketing … it’s a Numbers Game.

Well today … with the advent of the Internet, e-mail marketing, and computer based systems … we have the ability to Network with thousands … and do it automatically. That’s where your Autoresponder comes in.

An autoresponder account is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone even halfway serious about using the Internet to promote their business.


All of us in business on the Internet will need our own domain hosting sooner or later. You want a company that is reliable, has been around for a long time, and that will provide you with hosting for an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF DOMAINS with one monthly charge. Don’t go falling for that “$10 a month per domain” doo-doo. They build up over time and soon you’ll be paying in the hundreds of dollars monthly for hosting. That’s a killer.


Ever been to a “webinar”? Then you’ve visited an Online Conference Room.  Online conferencing is becoming an absolutely necessary tool for every Internet marketer. Presentations, training, interviews, meetings … all of these can be held in conference rooms online, eliminating phone charges and enabling participants to see the moderator and each other via web video, hear each other on audio, view prepared presentations on their screen, and even receive trainings while watching the trainers desktop in real-time!

Now, the “newbie” might have no need for a personal conference room right off the bat, but here’s a word to the wise: You WILL need it sooner or later. The sooner the better, because you’ll want to “brand” yourself as an Internet professional right from the start … at least as much as possible.


Audios and Videos online are very powerful. They provide a way for people to actually get to know YOU. And in Internet marketing … YOU are what it’s all about. People don’t buy “things” or “programs” … they buy into the trust they have for the people who introduced them to the particular thing or program. Using audios and videos in your ads and presentations is vital to your success.

Right now I can hear some “newbies” out there saying, “Oh no! I can’t make videos or audios! What do I say! How do I get it done? Besides! My hair’s a mess!”

Get over it!

And … just calm down. Audio and Video marketing is easier than you think. In fact, elsewhere in these pages … and in my newletter, which you can subscribe to on this page … you’ll find lots of help to help you get started.

BUT … you WILL need a place to store those audios and videos online that won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it!

Additionally, you won’t want to use YouTube! I know, YT lets you host videos for free. BUT, it also shows links that can take your viewer to all sorts of other places you might not want them to go … like your competitors! We don’t want that … and we don’t want to sign up with a service that will increase your monthly charge based on how much storage or bandwidth you’re using.

What you want is a place to create and store an UNLIMITED amount of videos online, where they can be embedded in ANY webpage you want, and they can be viewed by as many people who want to view them … for one price per month.


OK … so what’s the upshot of all this intimidating brouhaha? This is the nice part … the part I mentioned at the beginning where this turns out to be a lot simpler than it sounds.

Global Virtual Opportunity … GVO … is a company that I recommend to EVERYONE. In fact, it’s one of my principle businesses. GVO is a company that provides ALL of these things … Unlimited Autoresponders, Unlimited Domain Hosting, your own personal Online Conference Room, and Audio/Video creation with Unlimited Hosting and NO outside links! That’s right! You can get it all in one place!

It gets BETTER!

GVO is also a GREAT Business opportunity with a GREAT pay plan! You see … I need all these tools, but I’d rather not pay for them! The fact is that, simply by referring others to GVO … like I’m doing here … I end up making WAY MORE per month than I’m charged by GVO! And I’m talking A LOT MORE!

So … how much does this all cost? $44.95 a month! Can you believe that? Before I found GVO I had autoresponders that cost me TWICE as much!

Better still: You can join GVO for $1 for 14 days on a trial basis. When you do, you can see how everything works and decide whether you want to remain a member. I recommend you do. Believe me … GVO is the absolute easiest way to get the best tools on the Internet … the tools you’ll simply have to have is you want to succeed online … AND I’ll show you how to GET PAID to use them!

So … we’ve got a lot more resources to cover and I want to get on with that. In conclusion here, I’ll just say for Domain Hosting, Autoresponders, Online Conferencing, and Online Audio/Video Creation and Hosting … you can “one-stop shop” with GVO. – JOIN



COMING SOON: Watch This Spot For My Upcoming eBook On Safelists – How To Use Them For The Highest Response.

A note on Safelists. When joining Safelists, you will be asked for two email addresses. One for an admin address (so the Safelist owner can contact you, also know as your contact email address), and one for your subscribe address (the email address that will receive all the safelists emails from the other safelist members). Make sure your subscribe address is not your main business account, or you may never dig yourself out.

Business World List – Over 60,000 members, includes extra features such as Ad-Announce which is highly responsive – JOIN

Herculist – 40,000+ responsive members – JOIN

AdTactics – One of the most responsive free lists online. The upgrade makes it REALLY good – JOIN

AdSolutiOnline – Two mailers, one credit-based. Very similar to AdTactics … good results here as well – JOIN



List Joe – Unique responsive list as well as a downline builder for several lists. This is one of the most responsive groups out there, and one of my favorite advertising sources. If you want to upgrade in something … this is the one to do it in first. I get many signups in my business through LJ! – JOIN

ListVolta – List Volta is an online marketing list … but it’s a whole lot more as well. Check it out and you’ll see. This is one of my favorites! NOK NOK! Who’s There? – JOIN

ListJumper – This one’s FUN and very effective! – JOIN

ListQuick – This one’s cool … and you get to do a lot of mailing even with only a free account. – JOIN

ViralAdStore – A cousin to ListQuick, this is a very responsive advertising source. – JOIN

MyViralSurfer – At MVS you’ll find a lot of “gadgets”. If you want to track your advertising, you can do it here very effectively … as well as mailing to the list and building your own. – JOIN

TheListAuction – this is a very responsive list. I find it works very well. – JOIN

ListBandit – I’ve been a member here for years, and never fail to mail to the list. Very responsive. – JOIN

YourLuckyList – Responsive members as well, when you upgrade you receive personal leads that you can download and add to your list. – JOIN

TheListMachine – Similar concept to YourLuckyList; responsive members, but you really need to be upgraded in this one or else refer a lot of people there. – JOIN

TripleYourList – Delivers opt-in leads right into your mailbox – JOIN

ListDotCom – Similar in concept to YLL and TLM – responsive group – JOIN

FreshDailyProspects – This is kind of a new twist. If you upgrade to a paid member ($20 a month) you get to mail to 3000 DIFFERENT people each day. The twist is that you can pre-program your emails so they go out automatically. – JOIN



Rent-a-List – From the same family as Business World List, you’ll find highly responsive advertising resources here. This is a pay for service resource, and it’s one of the very best around. A large part of my business has been built using RAL. – JOIN

AddClickMedia – Pay per Click and lots lots more from the folks who brought you BusinessWorldList and Rent-A-List. This is a GREAT program that brings you both prospects and cash – JOIN

LeadGusher – Works ok if you just set it up and forget it. Works GREAT if you promote it . – JOIN

RevenueMagic – Different kinds of advertising from one source. Lots of bells and whistles. – JOIN

ViralAdsUnleashed – Another great advertising source. Kind of unique. – JOIN

1MinuteAds – Newest Brainchild from Jane and Phil … you really must check it out, but it definitely works better if you can upgrade. – JOIN

Free Ad Depot – Unique advertising resource created by Jane and Phil of JPE Advertising. Been around a long time and still works great. – JOIN

Target Ads Depot – Another Unique resource by JPE Advertising – JOIN

CrocAds – One more from JPE. This one is also unique and kinda fun. It’s no croc! – JOIN



COMING SOON: Watch This Spot For My Upcoming eBook On Safelists – How To Use Them For The Highest Response.

Note on Traffic Exchanges: For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, you can maximize your return on surfing time by using the browser tabs to surf all your traffic exchanges at once. This is true on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Spend about 45 minutes a day surfing all of the following exchanges, moving along from one tab to the next, and you’ll drive tons of traffic to your websites.

Web Biz Insider – Traffic Exchange and downline builder – JOIN

ListSurfing – Newer, fairly responsive Traffic Exchange – JOIN

Traffic Swarm – Responsive Traffic Exchange system. This is the GrandDaddy of them all! – JOIN

TopSurfer – One of the older, but still one of the best TE’s out there. Check out the upgrade offer at the bottom of the page. Very cost effective and LOTS of advantages. – JOIN

EasyHits4U – Very Good Traffic Exchange System – JOIN

TopTierTraffic – Nice system with a short timer – JOIN

Hit2Hit – Good TE from the Netherlands – JOIN

MaxTrafficPro – One of the newer ones. Lots of bells and whistles – JOIN



These are some very kewl … and very effective … little puppies! We’re talking hi-tech and very effective. Free Traffic Bar and Desktop Lightning are my favorites, in that order. Get involved with these and you’ll see why I like them so much. If you need help, just let me know.

FreeTrafficBar – I love this little guy. Sits in your browser like a toolbar and is VERY effective. A bit complicated to learn … but ask me. I’ll walk you through it – JOIN

Desktop Lightning – Hi-Tech, fun, and builds a very responsive list. This one is well worth an upgrade, and it’s one of my absolute favorite advertising sources and list builders! – JOIN



NOTE: Many people have a “bugaboo” about “buying leads”. That I don’t get. A good lead company is extremely good at what they do … creating advertisments designed to develop highly targeted leads.

Let me ask you something … are you any good at that?

Do you want to spend the time and money it will take to learn?

Do you want to go through the rigors of learning all you need to know about Google Adwords … which is a LOT … then design AND TEST an ad campaign … dial it in until it’s truly effective … and then … FINALLY … after months of work and thousands in expenses … start pullin’ in quality leads?

I’m going to guess your answer is no.

Here’s something more …

I’ve done all that. I’ve studied, practiced, tested, and spent. I’ve gotten to the point where I CAN … fairly quickly … put an effective and economical Adwords or Yahoo Sponsored Search campaign into effect. I’ve done it before.

Guess what …

I’d rather purchase leads from a good, reliable, inexpensive lead company than go through all that hassle. It’s simply easier … and, if done right … it’s more economical.

All that said … here are the Lead sources I recommend … in this order:

Oppseekers Leads – This is the best lead source you’ll find, and one of the least expensive. I particularly like the Canadian Only and the Phone Interviewed Fresh lead packages. If you get yourself on auto-ship, you have a 10% discount on every order. They also run great Specials. This is a service where you pay per package purchased. AND … if you promote it … you can earn commissions that will cover your future purchases. The result … FREE LEADS! – JOIN

Traffic Oasis – Responsive Leads for your online business. Many members of our team make use of Traffic Oasis as an additional lead source. It comes with an autoresponder system. When your TO leads come every month … you simply pop them into your autoresponder and let that wonderful automation go to work for you. This is a service where you pay a flat fee per month, but it’s also something you can promote and you’ll earn really good money there as well. Why not go into the Lead Business Online?  – JOIN

Ultimate MLM Leads – This is simply the Traffic Oasis leads available on a “per purchase” basis without the income opportunity or the autoresponders. If all you wish to do is to purchase some very high quality leads … developed exclusively just for you … UMLML is a great place to do it – JOIN



My Easy Submitting – This is one of the best investments you can make to get your blog capture site … or ANY website you want … found and SEEN on the net. For $14.95 per month, My Easy Submitter will repeatedly submit your web page to over 700,000 search engines, directories, classified sites … and more. That means it will be indexed by the search engines and found by people searching the web for what you have to offer! It’s also a very inexpensive, but very powerful Supplemental Business. This one is a must if you want to really kick your business into overdrive! Working online is all about getting traffic to your website. This is one of the most effective strategies to do just that! – JOIN




Jonathan Leger’s Instant Article Wizard – Think you can’t write an article? Think you can’t do it quickly and efficiently? Jonathan Leger makes it REALLY EASY with this GREAT software. I use it all the time and I love it. Great for the beginner and the accomplished author as well. This is a one-time softward purchase and well worth the price! – Further Info



Direct Matches – Meet other marketers. Promote your business in a personal way. This is a very powerful tool. MySpace for the business set! – JOIN

AdLandPro – One of the BEST places online to get involved. Meet and network with thousands of other business owners and opportunity seekers. Not just a networking place … this is a site for advertising as well. – JOIN

FaceBook – FaceBook is absolutely free. No affiliate program here. This is just the place with the most of the kind of folks you’ll want to meet and network with – JOIN

MySpace – Yes … MySpace! No, it’s not just all teenagers looking to find other teenagers to do things with their parents don’t approve of! There can be a lot more to it than that … if you use it correctly. – JOIN



Instant Messengers

If you’re marketing online you want to be avaialble online in Real-Time. Here are the Instant Messenger services I use to stay in touch and prospect online. They’re free to use … just download them and you’re live on the Internet:

MSN Messenger – Communicate with prospects and members online in real time – JOIN

AIM (AOL Messenger) – Communicate with prospects and members online in real time – JOIN

Skype – Phone and instant messenger service – JOIN

Yahoo IM – Straightforward instant messenger service – JOIN




OK … it seems like a lot, and if you’re just starting out to make money on the Internet, as I said at the top of the page … it can be daunting. If you feel overwhelmed at this point … read the introduction at the top of this page once more.

Everything above is something I use almost daily to promote my business and make money online. In fact … most of them PAY ME to use them. That’s how they work. I always think it’s better to use tools that pay me for using them. Additionally, all of these tools WORK. If you’re just getting to know me, you’ll find that I won’t recommend ANYTHING that doesn’t work because everything I recommend I USE AND IT WORKS FOR ME!

So … hope you find something helpful here, and I hope you’ll return again and again. I’m always looking for new things to add to my repertoire (send me anything you think I might be interested in), and this page will be updated often!

Happy Marketing!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Home Business Expert


Big Bear Lake, California. USA


MSM: (no email here please … thanx)
AIM: primoschminke (don’t ask … LOL)
Skype: steve.gaghagen
YAHOO IM: stevemaxbigbear



About the Author:

Steve Gaghagen is an actor, director, singer, author, “Recovering” Realtor, Network and Internet marketing entrepreneur. He makes his home in Big Bear Lake, California, where he is owned by a MONSTROUS Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) named Monty (he’s really just a BIG baby 🙂 ).