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If you were going to build a house, what is the first thing you’d do? How would you prepare?

Of course, the first thing we need to do is have a plan, but as soon as we have our blueprints together … we need to provide ourselves with a toolkit supplied with all the tools we need to get the job done.

Creating income from home by working online is no different. We need a good, comprehensive set of online business tools ready to go when we start to build. Making sure we have the best, most effective, yet most economical Internet business tools is critical to our success.

GVO … Global Virtual Opportunities … is the absolute best source of ALL the online business tools you’ll ever need. From unlimited web hosting, to autoresponders, to unlimited video hosting … and tons of “bells and whistles” most suppliers of Internet business tools can only dream of … GVO is simply the best of the best. AND … the absolute best of online business tools can be right there in your toolkit for literally hundreds of dollars less per month than most companies charge for a good hosting account alone.

Let’s take a quick look at the services GVO provides with the Titanium Hosting Account:

Unlimited Web Hosting

Ability to Resell Hosting
14 day $1 trial!
Unlimited Hosted domain names
Unlimited Web space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited Sub-domains
Unlimited Email accounts
Unlimited Autoresponders/Forwarders
Web Host Manager


NOW … that’s the Unlimited Titanium Hosting Account … and at $44.95 a month … it’s a Good Buy! BUT … Now let’s look at what GVO includes with your Titanium Account … FOR FREE!

Unlimited Autoresponders

Create unlimited groups/campaigns
Create awesome opt in forms with one click
Easy to use HTML editor
100% deliverability
Personalize messages with custom fields
Ultra Fast mail sending
Unlimited Autoresponders and Follow-Ups
Professional forms to choose from
Send single messages
Timed sending of emails
Powerful subscriber filtering and sending
Unsubscribe function
Daily activity report
Advanced click tracking and reporting
Bounced message handling

Unlimited Video Hosting With Easy video Producer

Record easily with a web cam
Select from audio only or both audio and video
Create your own titles, description and key words
Over 100 Easy to use Professionally designed templates
Easily Upload in minutes
Record with camcorder and upload
Community forums to share and learn

Your Own GVO Online Conference Room

10 seat room
Full video and audio
Presentation Mode
Desktop Sharing
File Sharing
Password Capabilities
Fully customizable
Incredible Moderator/Owner Controls
Upgrade to 500 Seat Room

Both GVO and Generic Online Prospecting Systems

Professionally Created Custom Video Lead Capture Pages
Ad copy Written for you
Sense of Urgency “Take Action” Content
Brilliant Colors
Connected to your Autoresponder
Multiple Templates to choose from
Simple to set up

Competition Witness With Full Re-Sell Rights

Monitor other web hosting/web sites
Determine other websites downtime
Determine if Uptime is Quality Uptime
Email notification
Full Re-sale Rights

GVO Academy:Best Online Business Training Available

Expert Instructors/Coaches
Train from the comfort of home
Save thousands of dollars – it’s FREE
Save thousands of hours trying to learn on your own
Webinar Classroom setting – GVO Conference Room
Follow the Instructors – Desktop Sharing


Save Hundreds of $$ Per Month With GVO

How’s that for an impressive list of features? This is why I recommend that the first step that ANYONE should take to create your own business online, is to become a member of GVO on the $1 Trial! You can join GVO for just $1 for 14 days. That’s plenty of time to see if what I’m telling you is true or not … if it’s not … just cancel and leave. Easy as that.

BUT … I’ve been doing this online marketing thing for years now, and I can tell you it is the truth. You will not find a better set of online business tools to help create your income from home, than those offered by GVO.

AND … something I haven’t even mentioned here … GVO is a great paying business all by itself! That’s right! Listen, my GVO tools don’t cost me ANYTHING at this point. Do you know why? Because GVO pays me to use them!

SO … take a few minutes here and visit my GVO website by CLICKING HERE

Once you’ve joined … CONTACT ME! I’m here to help and I’ll get you all set up and heading in the right direction! Additionally, you can get started and get going two different ways! You can simply visit the “Getting Started” Videos in your new GVO back office … OR … you can come right here to this website and I will personally walk you through the whole process on the “Getting Started/Getting Going” page. I’ve put together my own complete set of instructions there … and when you’re done, you’ll have your own website like this one, hooked up to your own autoresponders and ready to start BRANDING YOU and creating a large, lively, money-making list! AND … we’ll get it all done in only a couple of hours or so!

Sound good? If so, then don’t waste any more time. Visit my GVO site right now and let’s Get Started and Get Going!


Hope To Hear From You SOON!

Have A GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert and Trainer