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There Is A Lot Of Good Training Available Concerning I-Marketing …
But you need to know where to look.

Here is a list of the trainings I try to attend each week:



Janet and Don Legere offer Live Training calls every Saturday Morning at 12Noon Eastern Time.  (For reference, that’s New York and Toronto time). This is a generic online marketing training session, although you will hear mention of the two systems we use … New Rich Report and Earth Friendly Biz..

Don & Janet Legere

Don & Janet Legere

These sessions are hosted by Janet and Don Legere, my mentors and very good friends, and are designed to help you understand what you need to learn to build a list and make money online.  They help make sense out of the non-sense. These live calls are held online in Janet’s GVO flash room – no downloads, works on PC or Mac and works on Dialup and Highspeed … if you are on dialup or satellite, it’s best to close all other programs, especially email programs and instant messenger programs.

(We Have A Section Of Recorded Calls & Presentations Listed At The Bottom Of This Page.
You Can Listen And Follow Along Anytime You Like!)



Well known Trainers Keith Carberry and Janet Legere are two of the folks who provide great marketing training in Prosperity Rising. Janet’s trainings are specific to PR and are available to Members Only. Keith’s are generic Marketing and Sponsoring trainings and are open to all. If you’d like to catch Keith’s “Coffee With Keith” show online, you can do so Monday-Thursday mornings at 10AM Eastern Time by visiting this link:

If you’re not yet a member of Prosperity Rising, you can join here:

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GVO Academy

GVO Academy

There is a TON of training available over at GVO. Almost all week long there are sessions to present the opportunity at GVO and answer questions about the services and the company … but there are also lots of sessions specifically about marketing on the Internet. ALL of these sessions are available to anyone who wants to attend. Visit the GVO Academy website and you’ll see the entire schedule and be able to log in to any session you want. I try to attend as many sessions a week as I possibly can. This is GREAT STUFF!

Not a member of GVO? You can Join Here:

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Here’s A Collection Of Recorded Trainings From Our Saturday Sessions With Janet And Don Legere.

You can download these and listen and follow along at your convenience.

NOTE:  For best listening, right click the date and save the file to your desktop.

February 13, 2010 – Bob Yeager, of TEAM BOB YEAGER was the Special Guest at this session of Janet and Don Legere’s weekly training. It was an AMAZING presentation of a simple strategy on how to get 400-1600 new visitors a week to your website with about 4 1/2 hours of work. There’s GREAT information here and I invite you to enjoy it all … AND … put it into ACTION!

Download the February 13th MP3 Here (right click and save)

Download the PowerPoint Slides to accompany the February 13th Audio (right click and save)

Download Bob Yeager Presents Traffic  PDF file (right click and save)

November 7, 2009 – On this day, I was honored to be the Guest Speaker at Janet and Don Legere’s weekly Internet Marketing Training Session. We had a very active group of about 65 in the conference room that day, and I spoke about the Colors of Personality and how they relate to your prospecting system of choice.  We covered the 4 basic personalities and how prospecting systems attract different personalities.  It was fun to see everyone discover their own “colors”.  I thought the presentation went very well … had a LOT of really nice compliments … and we saw a lot of AHA! moments with our guests.  If you’d like to find out what that was all about, you can download the .mp3 of the audio and the PowerPoint Presentation I used that day.

(I want to extend a big thank you to Pat Hintze for the great graphics used to represent the colors)

Download the November 7th MP3 Here (right click and save)

Download the PowerPoint Slides to accompany the November 7th Audio (right click and save)

The Hartman Test: Discover your pesonality here (Last time I checked, the page here would let you take the test, but the analysis function was disabled. So … you can go over there, take the test for yourself, and then contact me if you like and we’ll go over it together!)

September 5, 2009 – Your Questions Answered.  Janet asked the listeners to send in their questions. Thank you to everyone who responded and a big thank you to all who attended our Saturday call (70 people cam to participate).  We had a few technical challenges with the room but were able to cover most questions.

Download the September 5th MP3 Here (right click and save)

August 29, 2009 – Your Check List – likely the most important tool you can use.  We talked about what a check list is, what you put on your check list, how to use your checklist and the results you will see by following a checklist.  All successful people use a check list!

Download the August 29nd MP3 Here (right click and save)

August 22, 2009 – the art of Personal follow-up. We talked about what Follow-up is and how simple it really can be.  We shared examples of simple follow-up messages you can send to new subscribers and new downline members.  Personal follow-up is key to business growth.  It’s critical that you learn this important step.

Download the August 22nd MP3 Here (right click and save)

August 15, 2009 – Sharon’s story – from novice to team builder in 2 short months.  Listen to Sharon’s story of how she’s learned to use the Internet to find prospects for her primary business.  You’ll hear all about her “secrets” and find out how you can get the same results.

Download the  August 15th MP3 Here (right click and save)

August 8, 2008 – Open Marketing Forum – we talked about the simple process that one follows to get results online, what resources work best, how to use them.

Download the August 8th MP3 Here (right click and save)

Recommended Online Marketing System

The follow system is designed to help you have a one stop resource along with all the help you need to learn to master the few simple skills you need to make money online.

Prosperity Marketing System ~ New Funded Proposal System is simple to follow and easy to duplicate.