Getting Started / Getting Going

Steve Gaghagen


Getting Started / Getting Going

Creating Income from home on the Internet doesn’t have to be difficult …
… If you build a good foundation and get started the Right Way!


If you’ve visited this page before, you’ll find all kinds of improvements here now. The page is now divided into different educational sections:

  1. Pre-School: Getting The Supplies You’ll Need To Complete The Assignments.
  2. Getting Started: 3 Assignments that will get your “home base” of online operations set up.
  3. Getting Going: 2 Assignments that will turn your “home base” website into a powerful list building machine.

In order to make these Assignments simpler and easier to understand, I’ve created a series of videos that will actually SHOW YOU each assignment … step-by-step. You’ll see each thing you need
to do to get all set up to make money from home on the Internet … just the way I do it.

If you follow the steps demonstrated here, you will end up with a website just like mine, but of your own design … branding YOU with your own personal online presence.

So … let’s Get Started and Get Going … creating income from home by building a website that will build your mailing list. You’re going to be AMAZED at just how easy this actually is.



All the following lessons and steps revolve around using the same set of tools … those supplied by GVO (Global Virtual Opportunity). GVO is the Internet marketer’s “Toolbox”, and
contains EVERYTHING you need to market online. All the training provided here … and the training I’ll plug you into … will focus on using your GVO tools to build you mailing list and build your

So … follow the link below. Find out all about GVO. Join on the 14-Day $1 Trial and get your GVO account.


After you’ve done that … come on back here and continue to the Next Step!



Just a few words before we dive in …

Now let’s get on with it!


1 – Purchasing Your Domain Name 

Now comes the fun part … AND the part where you’ll begin to get just a glimmer of the true value of your new GVO account. We’re now going to get your new domain name, set up
your hosting account for your domain at GVO, and then install a WordPress blog on your newly hosted domain. Once that’s done … you’ll have your own, brand new web page … just like this one!
This new web page will be your “home base” online. Everything you do will revolve around this new website and it will become a vital and ever changing part of your new Internet business.

One note before we begin: When you purchase your new domain name, I suggest you use YOUR OWN NAME as the domain, if possible. You’ll see that this website is located at “”.
Using your own name brands YOU … it reminds people of who you are and reminds them where they can find your website. Now, if you have a very common name, like Joe Smith or Tom Brown, you might
find the domain is not available. If that’s the case, you might see if “” is available. If it’s not, then it’s time to get creative. I recommend you stay away from the “.biz”, “.info” ,
etc., suffixes. People don’t remember them and they are very prone to being spammed all the time.

Also, I want to reiterate … if you have questions about this process or run into problems … please feel free to use the “Contact Me” page and contact me. I really am here to help and want to
be of any assistance I can. Also, the Live Help guys at GVO that you’ll find under “Support” are the best in the business. They have helped me countless times, and they will simply amaze you at how
willing they are to help and how efficient they are at doing so … so don’t be shy about contacting them either.

All right! Onward and upward!


Once that’s completed … come back here and MOVE ON …


2 – Set Up Your Web Host Account

 Now you’ve purchased your own domain name, and if you’ve followed the instructions correctly so far, it’s available to you for hosting in your GVO account. This next step will
activate your web hosting account for your new domain, and get it Live on the web.


When you’ve completed this step … simply go on to #3 …


3 – Install A WordPress Blog On Your New Domain

Now that your new domain is set up and it’s hosting account is activated, we need to have a way to create a website there. For this purpose I recommend installing the WordPress blog
interface. It’s fairly simple to learn to use, it’s very Search Engine friendly … and it’s very powerful … allowing you to create a website that will really BRAND YOU! The website you’re on
right now is a WordPress blog mounted on my own domain at GVO. When this step is completed, you will have the ability to create a website just like this to help you in your online business.

Let’s get on with it!



You’ve now completed all the steps in the Getting Started section. You’ve purchased your own domain name through GVO, you’ve activated your webhost account for that domain, and
you’ve installed a WordPress blog interface so you can not begin to build your own website!

Now … what’s next?

The next step … now that you’ve gotten started … is GETTING GOING!



The “Getting Going” process is all about preparing your new website to be a real “List Building Machine”.

Building a list is the most important thing you’ll do working online. Always remember: EVERYTHING is about building your list. If you focus 85% of your time and efforts towards
getting new subscribers to your personal mailing list … you will succeed in this business. I never measure the success of any given business day by how many people have joined my business or how
much money I’ve made that day. I measure it by HOW MANY NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO MY LIST HAVE OPTED IN THAT DAY. If that number is steadily increasing … I’m succeeding.

So … how do we use our new website to build our list?

Scroll up to the top of this page and see what’s on the right hand side right near the top. You’ll find a form that you can use to subscribe to my mailing list. It appears directly
on every page of this site.

That form is connected to my autoresponder at GVO. The minute someone uses the form, their information is entered into my contact list, they receive a welcome letter … and I can
mail to them from then on as long as they wish to remain on my list.

This is the true power of a website like this. You should NEVER have a website out there on the Internet that does not have some way for folks to subscribe to your list.

Now, how you use your list … how you retain subscribers … those are subjects for another time. Right now, we’re simply concerned with getting your website to the point of being
able to connect you with new subscribers. The “Getting Going” section below will take you through two simple steps:

  1. Setting up your first “Campaign” in your GVO autoresponder.
  2. Mounting a subscription form on your website attached to that campaign.

So … let’s GET GOING!


1 – Creating Your First Campaign In The GVO Autoresponder

If we’re going to have subscribers and contacts … we need to have someplace to put them, and we need an automated system to welcome them right when they subscribe. This is what
your GVO autresponder is for. This video will walk you through the steps of setting up a campaign so your system will capture your subscriber’s information and immediately welcome them to your


When you’ve completed this step … simply move on …


2 – Mounting A Subscription Form On Your New Website

This is so simple you won’t believe it.

Now, this will be the first time you’ll be inside your WordPress Dashboard … the place where you’ll actually build your website. WP can be an intimidating place if you try to take
it in all at once. There is a learning curve here, but really it’s not complicated and you’ll do fine if you simply take things one step at a time … and GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO LEARN.

For this last step in our Getting Started/Getting Going process, however, we’re not going to be concerned with anything but the single task at hand: getting our subscription form on
the site. You can dive into site design afterwards … but this step is vital and the only thing we’ll focus on here.


You’ve done it!

Was that so difficult?


WOW! That’s a lot of stuff … but you got it done, and you now have a Home Base for all your Internet business!

So … what’s to do now?

Once you’ve completed all of the above steps … CONTACT ME. Tell me you’ve got it done, and we’ll arrange a time to get together to discuss just what comes next! We need to put our
heads together and come up with a Business Plan past this point that’s CUSTOMIZED to fit YOU. There are a lot of ways to do business on the Internet …. a lot of Systems, a lot of Techniques, a
lot of Resources. If you and I can talk together, I can put my years of experience into play to help you bypass a lot of the “hard knocks” – type of experiences you hear so much about. That’s
really what I’m here for and what I can offer you … a way to minimize the bad parts of the learning curve, and maximize the good parts.

So … You’ll find all my information on the Contact Me page, and I really do look forward to hearing from you.

And … Congratulations once again! If you’ve completed the simple steps above, you really are well on your way to success online!


Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert

PS: If you’d like to see some simple printed instructions for most of the steps above, you can follow these links:

PPS: If you’re setting up your own “Getting Started/Getting Going” page on your own site … feel free to embed my videos there if you like. 🙂