Steve Gaghagen

Steve Gaghagen

 So … here we go with the 3rd, and possibly most important step of the “Getting Started” process … Getting an “opt in” form on your blog! After all, this is all about building your contact list, and the most important thing when you’re first getting set up is to have an optin form on your blog!

 So … if you’ve joined GVO, purchased your domain name and now have a WordPress blog installed on that domain … here is the next step. In this section, I’ll give you some brief instructions to setup your first campaign in GVO, including your auto-mated messages.  We’ll also get that form on your blog!


1.  Login to GVO

Login to your GVO back office here

Not a member of GVO?  Click here to join for $1!


2.  Access the eResponder

On the left side menu, you will see a group of icons, the top one is eResponder, click on this to access the GVO Auto-responder system.

Once inside the eResponder area, you will be directed to the Campaign area.  Our first order of business is to setup a campaign for your personal contacts.


3.  Add a Campaign

Click on Add a Campaign, this creates your “List”.  You can call your campaign anything you like, for this exercise, we will setup a Campaign for your Personal Contacts.

Campaign Name:  Personal Contacts

Description:  Personal subscribers  (NOTE:  if you want, you can add more description, this becomes more pertinent when you have many lists)

From Name: Your First and Last Name

From Email: The email address you want your readers to see

Notification email: The email address where you would like to receive notice of new subscribers

Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box at the bottom to receive a “Notify about new subscriber”


4.  The Optin Message

This is the message the your subscribers will receive to confirm their subscription to your list … if they come through a source that requires a “double optin”. Most of your subscribers won’t need this if they come in through a form, but you’ll want to have one in place anyway just in case. There is a default email in place that needs to be edited. Here is an example:

SUBJECT:  Hello %%SubscriberFirstName%%

Hello %%SubscriberFirstName%%

Thank you for subscribing to my
in-house list.

Please click the link below to
confirm your subscription.  This
helps to keep our list clean from

<a href=”%%MainSiteURL%%/activate.php?s=%%SubscriberId%%”>%%MainSiteURL%%/activate.php?s=%%SubscriberId%%</a>

Have a great day,

Your First and Last Name

NOTE: The activation is already in the pre-set email. You MUST keep this link in place. Simply edit the text above and below the link as indicated in my example above.

NOTE 2: Where you see “Insert Field”, this is for those with experience so you can add other fields to your email.  It is not necessary to use this function in this exercise.


5.  The Custom Fields

You may want to add some custom fields so that when you create a form, you can collect more information about your subscriber. The system will automatically collect their name and email. You can add up to 10 Custom fields. I recommend adding Phone and Country.


6.  The Follow-Up Messages

You will want to add your own follow-up messages to the system. I am including one below that is an initial email. Click on Messages, then click on Followup.

SUBJECT:  Thank you for subscribing, %%SubscriberFirstName%%


Hello %%SubscriberFirstName%%,

Steve Gaghagen here.

Thank you for subscribing to my personal
contact list.

My focus is helping you learn to use the
Internet to create leads for your business.

Please let me know if you have questions or
need help in any way.  You will find my
contact details below.

Have a great day,

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert

Contact Information

Big Bear Lake, California (Pacific Time)
Phone:  909-866-0986

Add Me To Instant Messenger:

Yahoo:  stevemaxbigbear
Skype:  steve.gaghagen

Use the above email as an exmple and make sure to add your personal details. Add additional emails as you wish, I recommend at least 7 followup messages. The best series I know for this is the “Know, Like, And Trust” series designed by Joel Therien at GVO. If you’d like to know how to get that series and get it into your autoresponder, just contact me and I’ll fill you in.


7.  The Subscriber Form

We are now ready to create a form that we can add to our WordPress blog.

From the eResponder area, click on Forms, Create Form.

Form Name: Personal Contacts

Thank You Page: I redirect my subscribers back to my blog so they can review the information there. You can redirect them to any website you wish, but I would keep in mind that you DO NOT want to be “selling” anything to anyone at this time. If you send someone directly from subscribing to your list to a sales page you will be doing both them and yourselves a disservice. This business should be about HELPING other people … not about SELLING them. So … probably back to your blog page. Just a word to the wise here. 🙂

Main Fields: Select the Name field and then if you chose to create any custom fields, check those as well so they are included on your form.

BIG NOTE: The default setting here is “Double Optin”. I NEVER select this. I make ANY form I make a “Single Optin” form. That means that when someone opts in through that form, they DO NOT receive the opt in message that requires them to click the link to confirm. Now, I know many folks won’t tell you this. Most people will tell you to ALWAYS make your forms “double” opt in. The fact is that most of the people telling you that are doing so verbally … and then making their own forms Single opt ins. My feeling is that if someone comes in through a form … they’ve opted in. If they want to opt out … they can do so from the link that will go out in every email they receive thereafter. I’ve ALWAYS used Single opt in forms and have never had ONE spam complaint in my entire online career. So … at least for the form on your blog … make it Single Opt In.

Click Create

Your form code is now ready. Click on the HTML link on the right. This will bring up (in a popup window) the html code you will need for your blog.  You can copy this to your clipboard (right click your mouse and select copy).


8.  Adding your form to your blog

Open another tab or window in your browser and go to the Dashboard of your new WordPress blog you’ve created before.

Go to your Widgets Section.

Select and Drag one of the Text Widgets from the center window to the top space of your “Sidebar”, which in most blog layouts is on the right hand side.

One the Widget is there, click the down arrow on the right hand side of the Widget to open the Widget itself.

In the box that opens, right click your mouse and paste in the html text you just copied for your form.

In the “Title” box of the widget, type “Subscribe To My Personal Mailing List” … or any phrase you want to use to invite people to opt in. If you’re using followup messages like the K,L, T series I described earlier, you might want to enter something like, “Enter Your Information To Join My Mailing List And Receive Your Free eCourse”. You get the idea.

When you’ve done that, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the Widget and then close the Widget.

Now … open and view your website, and you should see your new form in the upper right hand side!


One more thing you should do here: Sign in to your own list through the form. When you do, make sure you’re re-directed to the proper webpage, and check your email to make sure you’ve received the first follow up message and that it looks ok!


Now … You’re DONE!

You are officially off the ground with your new domain, website, and a form on that website to start building your mailing list! You’re already ahead of 90% of the people out there flailing around trying to make money online!

As I’ve said before … once this is done … CONTACT ME. This is the point where we really need to get together and make sure you’re designing a business that’s custom built for YOU. I can direct you to the resources you’ll need and the training sources that will help you the most. Personal contact is the key here, so I really do invite you to use the “Contact Me” page of this website and get in touch.

Hope this all helps!

Have a GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert

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  1. Charles Cox May 24, 2010 at 11:55 AM #

    Any tutorials out there how to become expert in List Building ?**.

    • Steve Gaghagen May 31, 2010 at 10:48 AM #

      Hey Charles … there are TONS of techniques that work to help you build a mailing list. There are also TONS of tutorials out there that teach those different techniques. I recommend different and various ones all the time. It’s a BIG subject, so I can;t simply answer your question by saying, “Yeah … here ya go.” BUT … I do suggest you sign into my mailing list and follow what goes on there. You’ll learn all about how to build a list.

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