First Post Here … And Already Bram Smith Is Nutz!

Well … here we are starting up a new blog.

This is a work in progress, but I guarantee you it will get better daily. This is my first WordPress blog, and it’a a bit more complicated than blogger … but, I like the results, the look, and the fact that it’s got its own “me specific” url … and it’s hosted by GVO!

So … keep an eye out here. I’m going to be adding things daily, and within a few days you’ll be able to link to all of the tools I use to build my business online. You’ll also be able to access most of the articles I’ve written over the last 5 years or so, along with all the training and tools that have appeared on my other blogs. I’ll be consolidating all that down into one location … HERE! So … stay tuned!

Now … one more thing I’ve got to say here … and you’ll like this:

All I did was sit down and start creating a new blog … and mentioned it to a few people … and what happens? Bram Smith went Nutz!

Many of you reading this will know Bram. He’s been around the Internet for more than 10 years now creating web sites and programs that most successful Internet marketers have made good use of throughout their careers … and I’m one of them. I work with Bram in the New Rich Report system and in several other systems and businesses.

Now, however, I think he’s lost it!

What is the one thing all of us working on the Internet need if we want to make good money?


That’s right. We need traffic to our web sites. Whether their replicated, stand-alone, whatever … they’re no good if nobody visits them. So, most of us spend the majority of our time focusing on that one thing … getting people to visit our sites … creating TRAFFIC!

So … here’s why I think Bram Smith has lost it: Bram is one of the greatest “Traffic Generators” on the web. He’s one of the great experts and has TONS of traffic to ALL of his sites daily. Well, what does he want to do now?


That’s right. Bram has a new program going that will allow you to “piggy-back” on his traffic creation techniques … for ANY website you want … and he’ll send part of his traffic to YOUR web site … for FREE!

That’s right … Bram is just GIVING AWAY Traffic that you can have directed to YOUR website right now! All you have to do is visit this link:

Bram Levitra explains it all over there, so I won’t go into it now, but if you want tons of FREE TRAFFIC to YOUR WEB SITE … you need to visit that link today.

Look, I know we should all be respectful of people who develop mental problems …┬ábut HECK! We’re talkin’ FREE TRAFFIC here! I say … well, sorry about your mental condition, Bram … But I’m grabbin’ my FREE TRAFFIC!

Visit Bram’s new website today and grab your share!

Steve Gaghagen
Home Business Expert

Big Bear Lake, CA, USA

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