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Most of you who follow these pages are members of GVO (Global Virtual Opportunity). As you’ll know, I think that GVO is the BEST available and most comprehensive source of tools we all need to become successful at making money on the Internet. You’ve all heard me speak of the amount of money I began saving … instantly … when I joined GVO and began using their tools to build my business. I’ve also spoken at length about how well GVO is paying me to use those tools! What a great situation!

(NOTE: If you’re not a member of GVO and you’re trying to learn to create income from home on the Internet, you’re making things more difficult for yourself. I call GVO the “I-Marketer’s Toolkit” because it contains everything you need to work online for one low monthly charge that never goes up as your business grows. If you haven’t seriously taken a look at GVO, you should do that before you do anything else. You can sign up for the $1, 14-Day Trial, at During that 14 day period, you and I can work together to get your systems all set up and operating, and in the course of that you’ll come to know and understand the true value of GVO as your primary online business resource … and as a great online business opportunity.)

Recently I’ve been getting calls from many of you about the GVO training videos. If you hang around the GVO academy at all (you can access the Academy through your GVO back office), you’ve heard about the videos. They are available through your back office, but still I receive calls from folks who seem to have trouble locating them all.

Well … I decided to take care of that problem once and for all.

If you look over in the right sidebar of this page, you’ll see something new added there! For your easy reference, I’ve taken all the links to the GVO training recordings and videos and installed them right here so that you can find them anytime you like.

Take a few minutes and go through them. You’ll find videos about the eResponder, the Prospecting systems, using your Conference Room, your Easy Video Producer account, Competition Witness, and all the rest. You’ll find recorded training calls, and TONS of information to help you that Joel Therien and the guys have set up for you. You’ll also find a link to the Online GVO Presentation that you can send your prospects to anytime of the day or night!

So … no more complaints about “Where are these videos I keep hearing about …” … OK? LOL.

Seriously … take a quick look through these new links. Bookmark the pages for yourself and they can be your “reference library” for all things GVO.

Also … those of you who are GVO members should seriously be taking advantage of all the training available at GVO academy. You can access that through your back office … and, for a while longer, simply by visiting: As of this moment, classes are still totally open to everyone. That will change soon, and the classes (with the exception of the Opportunity Presentations) will be available to members only. If you’re not yet a GVO member, this is another great reason to become one ASAP. There is no better training available on the net to help you make money from home than the training you’ll receive through GVO. I’ve been a member of programs that cost more than GVO each month … that provided TRAINING ONLY … no marketing tools or hosting at all … and where the training was actually far inferior. The training alone at GVO is well worth the price of admission, and if you’re serious about your education, you should be attending. You can find the training schedule right on the GVO Academy webpage.

So … that’s it for now. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions. As always, I hope you find this helpful and I look forward to being of assistance in the future whenever you need me!

Have a GREAT Day!

Steve Gaghagen
Internet Marketing Expert & Trainer


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